Torghast is the black tower that started at WoW: Shadowlands appears in the sky above the ice crown and where the mysterious jailer resides. Countless lost souls are waiting inside the eerie bastion. Most of these spirits pay for their evil deeds there, while others have been deported to Torghast. In Shadowlands, our heroes can see some of these tortured souls during the Torghast scenarios free from the claws of the jailer.

Attention, a lot of spoilers are now following!

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WoW: Lost souls – we can find these WoW celebrities in Torghast (Attention spoilers!) (2)

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One of the key events in Torghast is the salvation of souls trapped in the myriad cages or chained to their gruesome guardians. You can find these tortured ghosts everywhere in the tower and they have different shapes. Sometimes you meet a blood elf, sometimes a human or dwarf. As soon as you have freed the souls, they grant you their final blessing Soul's Blessing. It is anima force, a currency that you need for the pacts. The blessing also grants you a buff that increases your primary stats by one percent per soul freed. As already mentioned, you will mostly meet generic souls of many different races in Torghast. However, some of these spirits belong to prominent Warcraft figures such as the Lich King or the members of the Prachtmeer family.

WoW: lost souls - we can find these WoW celebrities in Torghast (Attention spoilers!) (4)

WoW: lost souls – we can find these WoW celebrities in Torghast (Attention spoilers!) (4)

Source: Wowhead

Some Shadowlands alpha testers have already signed up on the higher floors of the black tower can look around. On their adventure, they met the souls of famous heroes and villains. Several ghosts are officially not (yet ?!) dead. For example, a player in one of the tunnels in Torghast met the souls of Jaina, Derek and Tandred Prachtmeer. Jaina's and Tandred's ghosts have the usual in-game model, while Derek Proudmoore appears in its original human form.

The hands of both brothers are tied, while Jaina stands behind them and cries for them. You can interact with the urns behind Jaina and click on them. In Torghast you do that to go through the urns Phantasm to get another currency that you use to unlock certain skills in the tower. As soon as you click on the urns behind Jaina, Derek and Tandred are immediately killed and the mage screams for the last time before disappearing the next moment.

WoW: lost souls - we find these WoW celebrities in Torghast (Attention spoilers!) (3)

WoW: lost souls – we find these WoW celebrities in Torghast (Attention spoilers!) (3)

Source: Wowhead

WoW: Lost Souls - we can find these WoW celebrities in Torghast (Attention spoilers!) (5)

WoW: Lost Souls – we can find these WoW celebrities in Torghast (Attention spoilers!) (5)

Source: Wowhead

The whole theater could either be a kind of memory or a placeholder for the alpha phase. Nevertheless, the scene appears to be fully implemented with a few details. That could mean that at the beginning of WoW (buy now for € 32.95) Shadowlands much more well-known Warcraft celebrities land in the shadow lands than previously thought. As we already know from the quest texts from Ardenwald, Tyrande will be one of the characters that roams the realm of the dead.

However, that doesn't mean that these characters are technically dead, after all, our heroes aren't either. To explain: At the beginning of our adventure, we first land directly in the throat, but as a powerful soul we can escape the pull of the soul mill and the jailer. It is therefore possible that many other heroes, such as Jaina Prachtmeer, Thrall and Co., will also wake up in the gullet, but will later be imprisoned in Torghast. You are then in a purgatory state: you are not really dead, but are tortured with different visions of your past and future. A similar horror scenario has already gone through Jaina during the Kul Tiras campaign.

The time of the respective WoW protagonist's death also plays a role in Torghast. The balance between life and death has been disturbed since the Burning Legion last invaded. This means that some prisoners came to Torghast long before the events of Legion and Battle for Azeroth. One of these souls is Arthas, the Lich King. Here are other legendary Warcraft heroes, the Dataminer from Wowhead in Torghast have found:

  • Genn gray mane: No surprise, after all, the king of Gilneas will follow Sylvanas himself to the realm of the dead to get his revenge.
  • Nathanos Plague Shore: The right hand of the Banshee Queen is one of the bosses in a Shadowlands dungeon / scenario. It is possible that his soul will land directly in the Torghast Tower after his defeat.
  • Thrall: The former warchief could be the Horde Pentant to Genn Gray Mane and accompany the heroes of the red faction to the Shadowlands.
  • Garrosh: Thrall's successor took on a lot of guilt in the Horde Civil War in Mists of Pandaria and the war against Azeroth in WoD. It is no wonder that the orc's soul was locked up in the Torghast dungeon after his death.
  • Ysera: Why the soul of the leader of the Green Dragonflight, despite Elune's last blessing, does not end up in the Ardenwald, but in Torghast, is still unknown.

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