WoW Shadowlands is the next expansion to World of Warcraft that takes players into the mysterious realm of the dead called Shadowlands. Maldraxxus is only a small part of Shadowlands, which, like every other realm, relies on anima energy. But since Sylvanas' intervention in the balance between life and death, the anima flows have dried up and a war has broken out among the inhabitants of Maldraxxus, which costs the existence of countless necrolords. In the middle of this bloody conflict, three prominent WoW characters appear who support our hero in the fight for Maldraxxus.

Attention! Now some story spoilers follow!

Heroes of the Storm: The next battlefield and hero will be unveiled on Monday, June 4th, 2018

WoW: We meet these three celebrities in Maldraxxus in Shadowlands!

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Draka was Thrall's mother. She and her husband Durotan were murdered by Gul'dan's chasers in the name of the Shadow Council shortly after the birth of their son. After her death, Draka's soul landed in Maldraxxus, where she joined the House of Eyes. However, the house's necrolords were wiped out in one of many internal conflicts. After her house was destroyed, Draka moved to the chosen one. The orcin rose quickly in the ranks of the necrolords and earned the title of baroness. When the chief ruler of the house was gone, Draka followed him to the throne.

Baroness Draka in Maldraxxus in WoW Shadowlands

Baroness Draka in Maldraxxus in WoW Shadowlands

Source: Wowhead

The players meet Draka in Maldraxxus quite early, after all she appears to our heroes as an ally. The orcin accompanies us through Maldraxxus and explains which laws apply in the realm of the necrolords and in the house of the elect.

Lady Vashj

Baroness Vashj in Maldraxxus in WoW Shadowlands

Baroness Vashj in Maldraxxus in WoW Shadowlands

Source: Wowhead

Lady Vashj was once Queen Azshara's court lady and after Azshara's pact shared with N'Zoth as Naga the fate of her queen. Ten thousand years later, Vashj allied with Illidan Stormwind and Kael'thas Sunstrider. In the Outland, the Naga Lady made herself comfortable in the cave of the snake shrine, where she can still be found as the final boss. After her death, the judge sent Oribos Vashj to Maldraxxus, where she quickly became a real baroness in the House of Eyes.

In Maldraxxus, Draka asks our heroes to find Vashj and help her take revenge on the common killers who destroyed the House of Eyes and dragged his masters into the throat. Then Vashj swears eternal loyalty to the player. The interesting thing about this questline is that Lady Vashj addresses the heroes differently. The dialog options differ depending on whether the player has ever killed them in Snake Shrine Caves or not.

If you have never met Lady Vashj:
"Must you wound me? I had hoped my work would carry weight beyond my death.
Like you, I hail from Azeroth. I was known then as "Lady Vashj", servant to Lord Illidan and Queen Azshara.
My soul arrived in Maldraxxus shortly after I was … dispatched in Serpentshrine Cavern. "

If you have promoted Lady Vashi to the virtual beyond:
"The title is" Baroness ", little .
Are you truly surprised to see me? After all, you are the one who sent me here.
My soul arrived in Maldraxxus shortly after you … dispatched me in Serpentshrine Cavern. "

Alexandros Mograine

Alexandros Mograine was once the leader of the Silver Hand and the original bearer of the legendary Paladin Blade Ashbringer. He was killed by his own son Renault. The sword turned into the spoiled version of the ashbringer. Alexandros Mograine served the Lich King after his death and led the original Four Horsemen. His second son Darion redeemed his father and then confronted his brother Renault in the Scarlet Monastery. Alexandros' ghost killed Renault and Darion sacrificed his own life to free his father's restless soul from the scourge.

Baron Alexandros Mograine in Maldraxxus in WoW Shadowlands

Baron Alexandros Mograine in Maldraxxus in WoW Shadowlands

Source: Wowhead

But Darion himself was not granted any rest, like his father, he also had to serve as the death knight for the next Lich King.

However, Alexandros' soul only comes after a long journey in the shadow lands. His soul splinter (Alexandros' soul shards) was in the possession of the Lich King for a long time. Unlike Draka and Vashj, Alexandros immediately joined the House of the Chosen when he arrived in Maldraxxus. He claimed the baron's title, but Mograine was betrayed by his colleague Baron Vyraz. This villain works closely with the traitors of the Maldraxxus necrolords.

During the Maldraxxus questline, Baron Vyraz lies to the players and introduces himself as a friend and sponsor. He asks our heroes for a special favor. We are supposed to travel to the Maw and free Mograine's soul from Torghast. In reality, however, Vyraz hopes that the hero will disappear in the throat. Vyraz's plot goes wrong and the hero returns to Malraxxus with Mograine.

The outstanding thing about Mograine in WoW (buy now) Shadowlands is that it carries a corrupted ashbringer (the hidden Legion artifact template). How he got the legendary Paladin sword remains a mystery for now.

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