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It's Christmas Again! The year is coming to an end and of course we wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas, a great and relaxing holiday and a good and successful start to the new decade.

An exciting game year is coming to an end. Okay, admittedly less exciting than some other year before, because the current generation of consoles is also coming to an end. After all, several titles were reheated – and there were really successful remakes such as Resident Evil 2 or Zelda: Link's Awakening, Of many long-awaited games such as GTA 6 or a new one The Elder Scrolls but there was nothing to see except false leaks. Let's hope that this situation changes in the coming year. In autumn, streaming was one of the topics. In addition to Sony, which with PS Now attack again, Google Stadia is pushing onto the market – but not yet really convincing, Is he market ready for a game Netflix at all? The answer depends largely on where you live and the bandwidth available there. Still uncharted territory in 2019.

You can find out which titles particularly excited you in 2019 in the results of readers' choice look at. Many of you will surely spend the time between the years with one or the other title. And we mostly too! With the exception of the emergency staff, the editors are currently on vacation – to recharge their batteries and to prepare for what will hopefully be an exciting year.

So that it doesn't get boring on PCGames.de during the holiday season, we have prepared many specials and videos that entertain you every day. We look back on the highs and lows of the 2019 game year – and are looking forward to 2020 with you. Of course, we will also inform you "between the years" about the most important news from the game world. However, we ask for leniency if not every topic is dealt with immediately or comprehensively.

We would like to thank all article readers, video viewers, magazine buyers and podcast listeners, all forum posters, Facebook fans, Instagram fans, YouTube subscribers and Twitter followers and our community and moderators – Team and freelance authors for an exciting 2019. Enjoy the quiet time – or make it action-packed – and come well into the next decade!

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