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New Year's Eve 2020 is here and for many people this day also means the end of a year, which in many areas went extremely differently than they expected on New Year's Eve 2019. To all of our fans and all the other people out there: Celebrate a quiet New Year's Eve and have a happy New Year!

Last year, on New Year's Eve 2019, we freaked out crazy not only to wish you a happy new year, but also to wish you a whole decade. None of us could have guessed which topics would shape the year 2020; what worries and hardships you would be exposed to. Now it can perhaps be said that the new decade started really poorly. Some of you have been more and some less affected by all of what happened. You all went on bravely and that deserves everyone's respect!

We shouldn't forget that this long, strange journey through 2020 has also brought us good things. For over a month you have been allowed to romp around in the Shadowlands, meanwhile you can also make Night City unsafe. So many games came out this year and made our difficult times a little easier for us.

We are not saying that 2021 will be better in absolutely everything; we still have to deal with the effects of a global pandemic and other things. It is important that we behave considerately towards everyone. And: Cheer up, there is always a way! We therefore wish you a Happy New Year and a fantastic, wonderful, relaxed, exciting, exciting, relaxed and simply great year 2021.

Thank you for your loyalty, thank you very much for supporting us in our work! We look forward to seeing you every day!
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