Sony is expanding the current PSN sale. Over the weekend, individual PS4 games are available cheaper than usual in the PlayStation Store. Thanks to the backward compatibility of the PS5, you can also play the PS4 games comfortably on the new Sony console – sometimes in higher resolutions, better frame rates and with faster loading times. How one Overview on can be seen, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be reduced in price over the next few days. The western action is currently available in the PSN sale for 29.99 euros. Sony is pricing the deal with a 50 percent discount. However, RDR2 is not one of the top offers in the PlayStation Store: In price comparison prices currently start at just under 18 euros.

The situation is different with the premium edition of GTA 5, the one in the PSN sale (buy now € 50.00 ) is available for 14.69 euros. in the price comparison the offers start at 14.94 euros. The Mafia Trilogy, on the other hand, is available on sale for 38.99 euros. Those who use the disc version save a few thalers: The Box version is currently from 34.95 euros to have.

In addition, the PSN sale attracts with deals on Mafia 2: Definitive Edition (29.99 euros), Planet Coaster: Horror & Adventure Package (10.39 euros) and Planet Coaster: Deluxe Ride Package (10.39 euros). The deals for the weekend are rounded off by Outbreak: Epidemic, which can be downloaded for 8.99 euros. PS Plus members save even more and get the full version for 7.49 euros. The offers are online until March 9th.

PSN Sale for the weekend: The new deals for PS4 / PS5

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 – $ 29.99
  • GTA 5 Premium Edition – 14.69 euros
  • Mafia Trilogy – 38.99 euros
  • Mafia: Definitive Edition – 29.99 euros
  • Outbreak: Epidemic – € 8.99 (€ 7.49 for PS Plus)
  • Planet Coaster: Horror & Adventure Package – 10.39 euros
  • Planet Coaster: Deluxe Ride Package – 10.39 euros

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