from Matthias Brückle
WoW's craft gets an interesting new catch-up feature in the form of journals with the Shadowlands expansion, which is designed to help stragglers in various professions. But doesn't that make everything too easy?

A while ago, WoW Shadowlands' alpha builds showed journal items related to the game's crafting professions. However, Dataminer has only recently discovered what effects they have. Accordingly, they are catch-up items! Using these journals, we can get five skill points for a crafting discipline once a week in Shadowlands. This is not only very good for stragglers, but also dampens the pressure a bit when the game is released, when materials are still particularly expensive and the crafting leveling is accordingly difficult.

The different journals can be viewed on wowhead:

How much work does the journal save?

According to the current status, we will only be allowed to buy one journal per week (price still unknown), which will bring us five skill points – how many? In Shadowlands, collecting professions (e.g. mining or herbalism) need 150 skill points for their maximum level, while manufacturing professions (armorsmith, armorer, tailor & co) need 100 skill points. So the calculation is pretty easy: If you want to sit back and use the journal only, you need 30 weeks to master a collecting profession in Shadowlands, 20 weeks for the manufacturing profession. In this respect, we do not have to worry that the effort for these professions will be trivialized with Shadowlands.

Source: wowhead, Vanion

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