Almost nothing is known about the planned TV series for Dungeons & Dragons. However, the author, Derek Kolstad, has now given some interesting pointers to the scenario.

A D&D series in the Forgotten Realms?

“You heard about Jabba the Hutt in the first Star Wars and didn’t see him until the third movie … And I think with Dungeons and Dragons, which has this huge, devoted community of fans, I don’t want to suddenly throw it all on the screen and say: “Here’s the buffet.” You’d much rather keep the story intimate, “said Kolstad, explaining the approach he is taking with the D&D series.

He also hinted at the appearance of well-known heroes: “When you think of our favorite films, I would be more oriented towards Rambo: First Blood. There is this guy in the forest who is being hunted. And it’s a very intimate story, but you Alludes to the other things through conversations. You have your USS Indianapolis [in “Der Weiße Hai”], you see something in the background. You hear a name that makes 3% of the audience think, “Ho ho, I think we’ll see it soon.” I think the thing is just take a deep breath, take it slow and just respect the world, and when you adapt, certain things have to change. But you’d better not touch the heart and soul of what the fans love about it. “

Derek Kolstad went on to explain that his story probably takes place at the end of the current D&D timeline. He can refer to specific events, flash them back, or mention them to create a bigger whole while telling a completely new story. And this could even lead us into the Under Realm, the home of the drow in the Forgotten Realms. “You want everything to be successful because that’s good for the franchise as a whole … if it’s this huge, quarter-billion-dollar spectacle that’s doing well, great because I want my series all rolled into one small, small shadows of it exist and penetrate deeper and deeper into the sub-realm, “he said.

So it seems like the D&D series is set in the Forgotten Realms and we get to see the sub-realm and meet some well-known characters. The Drow Drizzt Do’Urden comes straight to mind here, of course. Incidentally, the series is a separate project that has nothing to do with the D&D film that is also planned.

Those: Collider



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