Nvidia hasn't exactly covered itself with fame in the past few months. However, a change has now been announced that will primarily benefit PC gamers. A well-known tech YouTuber, however, sees it differently – he quickly settles with the graphics card manufacturer.


Nvidia in the criticism: YouTuber vented his anger

Just last week, Nvidia announced an interesting change in its upcoming graphics card. According to an official blog post, the manufacturer has decided to reduce the hash rate of the RTX 3060 by 50 percent, to make the new GPU unattractive for miners.

In this way, they want to ensure that there are more graphics cards for interested PC gamers at the start of sales on February 25th. At the same time, a new range of products was announced that is specifically aimed at the needs of miners. But can PC gamers really be happy about this decision?

The famous YouTuber Linus Sebastian from Linus Tech Tips comments on this in his new video and makes it clear: No, in his opinion, Nvidia is not about doing PC gamers a favor. The company only wants to maximize its sales in this way – PC gamers should even fall on their feet in the end:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfIibTBaoMM (/ embed)

Settlement with Nvidia: These are Linus ‘points of criticism

According to Linus, there are a few points that contradict Nvidia's statements. The graphics card manufacturer says, for example, that the production and availability of GeForce gaming GPUs will not be restricted by the new mining product line. However, since the manufacture of products such as graphics cards is finite due to the limited raw material silicon, this statement is invalid. Because every mining GPU could have been a gaming GPU.

A high demand and a low supply mean that graphics card prices are astronomical. This is also reflected in our top 10:

His second major point of criticism: After the crypto boom has flattened, the new mining graphics cards become e-waste due to their severe restrictions, as they cannot be used for anything else.

His proposed solution, which he addressed directly to Nvidia: The RTX 3060 has to offer full mining performance again. This way, after the crypto boom, PC gamers can benefit from cheap graphics cards that are being sold en masse by miners. A similar phenomenon was noticed in early 2018 when the Bitcoin price plunged into the abyss. However, whether this story repeats itself remains to be seen.