We're paying for Pokémon and Shinys now ?!

Pokémon Go fans are increasingly asked to checkout if they want to unlock certain content in Niantic's pocket monster collection app – and more and more it is about payment in real money and not in Poké coins; a currency that is increasingly losing its relevance in the Pokémon Go shop. Sure, every Pokémon Go player is free to decide whether a Pantifrost is worth just under 9 euros. Or Shiny Mew just under 13 euros. But the developers of Niantic are flooding the collecting adventure, which is actually free to play, in 2020 with loads of payment options. And it doesn't seem like they're going to stop in 2021.

I admit, I'm a loyal buyer of the Community Day Special Research for € 0.99. What is barely a euro nowadays, I can't even get a Coke from the gas station. So it doesn't hurt me if I give the creators of Pokémon Go a little euro once a month for their services. However, I can understand a very special group of players; who have a big heart for Pokémon, but only a very small wallet. Those who have to think about whether they can afford Community Day special research or not. The decision is usually easy at this point: The special research does not bring outstanding advantages, a little smoke, a knursp, a rocket radar. This is not earth-shattering and so it is bearable if you skip one of the researches.

But now, at the turn of the year 2021, the developers of Niantic are starting to put really cool content behind the paywall, and that for a sometimes steep price. Personally, I find almost 9 euros for Galar Pantimos and the Pantifrost development to be a cheek. Yes, there are no general rewards at this point as part of the special research steps. 3 x smoke, 3 x special sweets, 30 x hyperballs, 3 x premium combat pass, 1 x knursp, 2 x glacier lock module, 3 x super incubator and 3 x star pieces. Apart from the items that I can't buy for Poké coins in the shop, the Pantimos ticket gives me consumables worth 1,820 Poké coins. If I were to translate that into the price of Poké coins, then 1,850 Poké coins would cost 17.47 euros. On top of that I get Galar Pantimos. So is a snapper right?

But nobody thinks like that. Or at least I don't. I only see the following: I pay 9 euros for the option of a Galar Pantimos and a Pantifrost. And for the option of a Shiny Mew (or a second Mew at all) I pay almost 13 euros. Incidentally, depending on the exchange rate in other countries, other players pay significantly more than their income. I'm not sure where this is going to lead. I like collecting Pokémon, I like playing Pokémon Go. But if things develop like that, my Pokémon passion will soon cost me more than my WoW subscription. And of course World of Warcraft offers me a lot more.

The Kanto tour is once again a problem in itself. Because you don't think it will stay with the Kanto tour. There are now six generations of Pokémon in the game and you can bet your very best that a Johto Tour, a Hoenn Tour, a Sinnoh Tour, an Einall Tour and a Kalos Tour will await you. Each garnished with a payment ticket for 13 euros with an exclusive mysterious Shiny? And what if the people at Niantic decide at some point to make the exclusive payment pocket monster available to all non-payers, like with Regigigas? Doesn't that make you feel a little … well … to put it bluntly: fooled?

The thing is … all coaches in the world should be boycotting Niantic's actions to get developers off their cash path again. But look at me. I just can't resist And I think there are tons of other Pokémon Go players out there who are doing the same. So what do we do now? Wait and see how it all plays out? Is a two-tier society now emerging consisting of the trainers who can afford the exclusive stuff and those for whom it is simply too expensive?

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