The third season of the popular sci-fi series Westworld has been running in the United States since March 15, and can only be seen in Germany from March 30. But we already know that in the second episode we have a special Easter egg for everyone who has seen Game of Thrones.

in the Original film from 1973 and in the Westworld series there are other parks besides Westworld that offer visitors different settings. If you don't like a wild west, you can alternatively explore the Japanese Shogunworld or the colonial-Indian Raj. So far you could only visit a medieval world with knights in the film – but season 3 of Westworld gave a little insight, which also provided a bit of Game of Thrones.

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Attention, spoilers from here!

When walking through a Delos facility, the series also leads the viewer through the medieval world, in which hosts are repaired with sword wounds and bards rehearse a set table for guests. Also included are two technicians who are chatting relaxed while a real dragon is next to them. It is none other than Game of Thrones' show runners Dan Weiss and David Benioff. The pangolin is Daenerys' dragon Drogon, who is believed to be a machine like the hosts and other animals in the parks.

A nice gimmick – hardly anyone can bother about it, right?

game of Thrones

The black dragon Drogon (right) has a guest appearance in Westworld – next to the show runners D&D.

Source: HBO

Game of Thrones fans don't want to see them at all

Game of Thrones fans, or rather a part of this community, don't find it funny at all: For them Dan Weiss and David Benioff stand for everything that went wrong with Game of Thrones – especially in the final season of the fantasy series. This is why viewers of the Westworld episode have given their air in the critical subreddit / r / freefolk.

To the behind-the-scenes material, which says "And who better to bring to the park than Dan and Dave?", Users respond with "I hope this is a joke." and "The cameo that nobody wanted."

User Baelor18 puts it even more clearly with a meme:

There was also criticism of the appearance of the two GoT showrunners on Twitter:

But there are also users who see the cameo as a criticism of D&D: The two technicians who play want to sell the kite to someone and start to take it apart with a saw – which can be seen as a metaphor for this how the two Game of Thrones treated it.

Can you understand the negative reactions? How did you like the last season of Game of Thrones? Will you watch Westworld when it comes to Germany?

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