What does 8K resolution bring now?

of Manuel Christa
The electronics fair CES in Las Vegas revolved around 8K resolution. TV manufacturers already want to turn us on huge, high-resolution 8K televisions, although there is still no content in 8K. The fourfold 4K UHD pixel amount does not sound quite as meaningless, as we learn in conversation with the independent expert for film post-production Florian Friedrich, who has been dealing with 8K professionally for a long time.

The 8K UHD resolution with 7,680 x 4,320 pixels corresponds to four times the 4K UHD resolution that we have seen with monitors so far. Current video productions have been shot in 8K for several years. Not only in order to be future-proof, which seems the most obvious, but also because the high resolution in production has several advantages. The higher amount of pixels contains more information for special effects, the image can be cropped losslessly if the render resolution is lower, or unsightly artifacts, such as jagged edges or flickering details, occur all the less frequently.

But is 8K worthwhile now, since there is still no content in this resolution? Florian Friedrich is convinced of this and, as a specialist in post-production, can justify this technically in detail. For one thing, there is already 8K content, even if only a few. Some productions in this resolution can already be found on YouTube and high-resolution photos can be displayed in better detail. Since 2019, the current TVs have been blessed with HDMI 2.1, which allows 8K UHD in 60 Hertz. Apart from that, according to Friedrich, upscaled content should also look better.

No question, 8K televisions are still sinfully expensive at several thousand euros and are only worthwhile if the screen size and (shorter) seat spacing are appropriate. For the question of when the difference between 4K and 8K is visible, Florian Friedrich gives us the rule of thumb of four times the height of the picture (not diagonal!) As a seat distance. A screen with a 75 inch diagonal has an image height of almost one meter, so you can sit in front of it up to four meters away.

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