What does "sus" mean? Meaning of the abbreviation in online gaming (Among Us)

With the hype surrounding the multiplayer title “Among Us”, the acronym “sus” is currently spreading – but what does that mean? You can find out what the abbreviation “sus” means and what you can use it for here at GIGA.

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Multiplayer games, social platforms and online forums are probably the biggest birthplace of the typical abbreviations in everyday life on the internet. Many of them come from English – including "sus". This is why such abbreviations and acronyms are often difficult to derive for non-native speakers. In addition, “sus” should not be confused with the “soos”, “sees” and “saas” known for YouTube poop.

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What does the abbreviation "sus" mean in online gaming (Among Us)?

An essential element of the game of "Among Us" is to find out the imposters as part of the crewmates (crew members). As soon as a corpse is found, a group meeting can be called to exchange the evidence and to accuse a fellow player of murder – this is where the abbreviation "sus" comes into play.

That's the abbreviation "Sus" easy for the English word "suspect" respectively "Suspicious". Translated, this means “alleged perpetrator”, “suspect” or simply “suspicious”.

The phrase "Green / Yellow / Red is sus" means that the player with the corresponding color is considered suspicious.

Green Is Sus | Among Us Impostor T-Shirt "src =" https://games.no1geekfun.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/What-does-quotsusquot-mean-Meaning-of-the-abbreviation-in-online.jpg

Green Is Sus | Among Us Impostor T-Shirt

The abbreviation is not an invention of the “Among Us” community, but has existed in the English language since the early 20th century (Source: Oxford Lexico). Because of its brevity, "sus" is of course an ideal abbreviation in game meetings and so the online multiplayer title was able to breathe new life into an old abbreviation from times before video games even existed.

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What do you think of the abbreviation "sus"? Would you use it in other games or even in everyday life? Let us know in the comments.

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