At the beginning of December 2019, the role-playing game Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory was released on the Epic Games Store. This was based on the pen & paper RPG Paranoia from the 1980s and has a very curious story behind it.

A game just disappears

The role-playing game puts the players in a dystopian science fiction scenario that was somewhat reminiscent of George Orwell's 1984. A supercomputer rules the city of Alpha Complex. He takes care of all citizens, but does not tolerate contradiction and wants everyone to be happy at all times. Anyone who is not happy is considered suspect and can even become an enemy of the computer. In that case, the person is either re-educated or terminated. Every act of the residents of Alpha Complex is monitored.

In the computer game you should take on the role of a Red Clearance Troubleshooter who tracks down trouble and has to eliminate those involved. But you have doubts as to whether the computer is really that benevolent ruler that everyone thinks it is. Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory should play a bit like Baldur's Gate in a crazy science fiction scenario. From the ISO perspective, you should control a party of heroes who should even betray and turn themselves off. Many quests with decisions and consequences as well as real-time battles with pause function rounded off the game.

However, according to the few buyers in the Epic Games Store, it came onto the market completely bugged. Presumably that's why it was removed from the store. However, it never returned. And the start via Steam was planned for December 2020, which did not take place at all. Meanwhile, the developers are silent and nobody knows what happened to the RPG. Curiously, the video game license is currently available again. This could indicate legal problems that may have resulted in the game no longer being offered. Whether we will see Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory again is unclear and probably also unlikely.

Source: PCGamer

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