In 2013, Capcom announced the roleplaying game Deep Down on a grand scale, exclusively for the PS4. The material shown at the presentation was quite impressive for the time and ensured that the dungeon crawler was on everyone’s lips for the time that followed. But the fans are still waiting for the release today. There were always rumors and speculations about the alleged termination of development work. But there was never an official confirmation of this message. So what happened to the game? Even the former PlayStation boss doesn’t know that for sure.

Shawn Layden, former president of Sony Worldwide Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment America, was recently guest for an interview with Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier. The role-playing game Deep Down also came along (buy now € 99.00) as a topic of conversation. When asked what has become of the project, there was initially only a short silence. Layden then replied with a brief and surprising “I have no idea”.

So either Shawn Layden doesn’t really know what the current status of the role play is or he doesn’t want to or is not allowed to talk about it. In any case, that would fit into the previous history of Deep Down, which is full of hints, vague information and rumors. Capcom itself had asserted in 2019 that it had not yet completely given up the PS4 role-playing game. At least that didn’t sound like the project had finally failed.

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Deep Down: PS4 RPG in the TGS trailer

Even the former PlayStation boss doesn’t know what became of the PS4 RPG Deep Down. (2) [Quelle: Capcom]

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