It is one of the most coveted international exports in recent years and has shown that not only crime scenes and soap operas can be produced in Germany: When the third and final season of Dark on Netflix started on June 27, the whole world watched .

Dark: That's what it's about
(Spoiler warning: In order not to spoil the many surprises, there is only a very rough summary of the plot. Nevertheless, a few details of the plot are revealed).
Strange things happen in the city of winds. Shortly after he was released from the psychiatric ward where his father's suicide took him, the teenage boy Jonas learns that one of his classmates has disappeared. When he and his friends discover a strange cave in the forest, young Mikkel also disappears. He was caught in the winds of 1986, where he saw the younger versions of his parents and his

Jonas (Louis Hoffmann).

Dark: At the center of events: Jonas (Louis Hoffmann).

Source: Netflix

Get to know classmates. However, he is not the only one who travels through time. Jonas also travels through different pasts and ultimately even into the future using the time tunnels under winds. At the center of the time travel conspiracies are the nuclear power plant in Winden and the mysterious Adam. But what about the strange sign that keeps popping up and what is the meaning of the number 33? Only one thing seems certain – the world will end on June 27, 2020.

So a time travel story unfolds, which leads the characters from 2019/2020 first into 1986 and 1953 and later even further into the past and future. But it doesn't just stop at time travel. At the end of season two, the characters discover that there are also parallel worlds.

Dark: That is the success of the series
In the style of mystery classics such as Twin Peaks or the first season of Stranger Things, the setting of Dark is familiar at first glance. Even if the city of Winden does not exist, every German viewer immediately recognizes typical idiosyncrasies that make them look authentic. However, this supposed normality quickly turns out to be an illusion, and characters and viewers are confronted with different time levels, parallel worlds and other mysteries. The series makers are not afraid to be demanding and to challenge the viewers. Philosophical concepts such as free will and predestination are negotiated and there are few scenes in which everything is really explained. Although there were complaints from fans, especially in the second season, that Dark is slowly exaggerating with all the secrecy.

Dark: How good is season 3?
Two seasons, which pile up more and more mysteries and raise two new ones for each answered question, naturally create pressure of expectation. Mainly because the third season of Dark is also the end of the series. Therefore, no time is wasted: If you haven't seen the first two seasons, you won't be able to do anything with the third season of Dark. And it even helps fans to watch one or the other episode again. Because of course there are a number of allusions to what has happened so far in the final season. There are – finally – answers. Dark even creates something that only a few series are granted, especially if they have time travel as their theme. The end makes sense and concludes the series coherently.

Dark: How to proceed now
According to the series makers – not at all. Despite the plot, which is sometimes difficult to see, Dark notes that producers Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese had an idea from the start of how the series should end. What happens when this original plan is thrown overboard because viewers and the studio want further episodes can be seen in series like Lost. So Dark remains a short pleasure, but also a very enjoyable one

Martha (Lisa Vicari).

Tries to save the future: Martha (Lisa Vicari).

Source: Netflix

good proof of what German series makers can do – if you just let them do it.

But that doesn't mean that Odar and Friese are now disappearing from the scene. You already have two new series projects that you are producing exclusively for Netflix. "1899" is about a ship going to America. On board emigrants who hope for a better life in the new world. But when the passengers encounter a ghost ship on the crossing, the journey becomes a nightmare. Odar and Friese are also going back in time for the second project. "Tyll" is based on the novel of the same name by Daniel Kehlmann and tells the story of Till Eulenspiegel anew. Located in the Thirty Years' War, readers accompany the eternal fool who turns out to be an immortal being.

Suitable fabrics, because with historical stories that contain a generous pinch of mystery and horror, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese are very knowledgeable thanks to Dark.

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