What the pre-patch changes to the garrison

from Sara Petzold
Since the pre-patch of Shadowlands arrived on the live servers of WoW, players have been able to enjoy a new level system. This also affects the garrison feature in Draenor. We summarize for you the changes that you can expect here.

The WoW developers have turned the level phase in Azeroth upside down with the pre-patch of Shadowlands. If you want, you can now use the Chromie time to level up from level 10 to level 50 through a single WoW expansion. That means: You can spend your level phase completely in Draenor, for example, if you want – including the garrison and its features. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the latter, as the editorial staff at Wowhead write. We are therefore summarizing again for you what has actually changed in the garrison with the pre-patch.

Features stay the same, level requirements change

Because the pre-patch also includes a level squeeze, the individual levels and components of the garrison now require different character levels than before. What exactly you have to do to unlock individual components of the garrison remains the same. Specifically, this means for the individual garrison buildings:

  • Mine: Start quest "Whole and Gore – not good for us" unlockable from level 15
  • Fisherman's hut: Start quest "Looking for help" unlockable from level 20
  • Herb garden: Start quest "Tidy up the garden" unlockable from level 30
  • Menagerie: Start quest "Pets against vermin" unlockable from level 35
  • Recycling: Start quest "Pinch Whistle Workshop" unlockable from level 30
  • Shipyard: Start quest "Garrison Campaign: Council of War" can be unlocked from level 40 and garrison level 3

Upgrade garrison buildings to levels 2 and 3? Overview of level limits

Depending on which type of building you want to upgrade, level 2 buildings also have specific new level limits:

  • Standard buildings (mine, fisherman's hut, herb garden, menagerie, ship value) do not require a specific character level.
  • Small buildings (professions, warehouse, recycling) require level 30 or the construction of the Talador outpost (level 25).
  • Medium-sized buildings (barn, gladiator sanctum, inn, sawmill, mage tower, trading post) require level 35 or the construction of the outpost of the Arak Spiers (level 30).
  • Large buildings (barracks, war mill / dwarf bunker, gnome / goblin workshop, stables) require level 40 or the construction of the Nagrand outpost (level 35).

If you want to upgrade your garrison and other buildings to level 3, you have to complete the quest "My very own garrison" or "My very own fortress". This quest requires a character level of level 40. The requirements that you have to meet for individual blueprints of level 3 buildings have not changed as a result of the pre-patch. As before, you can still unlock them via corresponding quests, achievements, etc.

Draenor skip introquest series: Here's how

Finally, a little tip for those who do not feel like completing the intro quest series of Draenor in the Tanaan Jungle again:

  • Accept the quest "The Dark Portal" from Chromie or via the Chromiezeit feature. To do this, you should visit the battle mage of the vanguard in Stormwind (in the mage tower below the portal room at 49/87) or Orgrimmar (in the portal room at 57/88).
  • Speak to the Vanguard Battlemage to be transported to the Blasted Lands.
  • Once there, cancel the quest "The Dark Portal".
  • Now you run past Khadgar through the Dark Portal and should land right at the point where you will set up your garrison.

We hope that these tips and hints make your journey back to Draenor a little easier. Although Warlords of Draenor is true for fans of World of Warcraft (buy now 15.00 € ) is one of the worst extensions, the level phase still has a lot to offer and is definitely worth a round via Chromiezeit – or what do you think?

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