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The developers of Pokémon Go have redesigned the Pokébox search so that you can now not only search for specific terms or IV value areas, but also tag pocket monsters and thus add them to groups. The people at Niantic explain how this works.

The developers of Pokémon Go have made the Pokébox more convenient. Do you remember those Pokémon info that the folks at Niantic announced that we thought might be more important things in the life of a Pokémon Go player? Well, this additional information is now used in the game to give you search suggestions for the Pokémon inventory. For example, you can search your box for pocket monsters from Kanto or whether the Pokémon have hatched, are legendary or dazzling, or whether you have enough candy to develop Mon. The * shortcuts are also conveniently available as search suggestions. As a reminder: If you search for 4 * in the Pokébox, all Pokémon with a perfect 100% IV value will be displayed. But you no longer have to enter this manually, you simply select "perfect" in the advanced search options.

Another new feature is the tagging of Pokémon. So you can put the Pokémon you have selected into a group. To make this clear to you, the developers at Niantic have published a guide to tagging. Open your Pokébox and click on the "Tags" tab in the top left corner. In most cases there is already an automatically created group, namely favorites. Press the + symbol at the bottom left, give your new day a name and a color. You have created a new tag group that you can switch to when you press it. At the bottom left you can now see a Pokémon symbol that you can use to select the pocket monsters that you want to group together in the new tag group. In your Pokébox itself, you can then decide for each Pokémon whether you want to pack it into one or more tag groups or not.

You can find more information on the Pokémon Go website. Whether you want to use this new feature or not is of course up to you. But the new Pokébox search options are definitely very useful!

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