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For the past ten years, the Bungie development studio has mainly been busy working on Destiny to work – including a successor and numerous DLCs. There have been some rumors and speculations about the team's next project for some time. But it looks like Bungie is secretly working on not just one, but several new games. At least that's what an interview by Metro magazine with managing director Pete Parsons shows. He reports on the establishment of several internal teams in order to be able to work on such projects – and has been for three years.

"So we started three years ago. Jason (Jones), Jonny Ebbert, Zach Russell and a few others of us started working on new incubations. It's not just about new games. (…) Actually, it is it's a process of how we can and want to hatch the potential for new titles – but much more important is new and amazing talent. (,,,) Ironically, we expected a high failure rate from these incubations are very excited about the work that has resulted. This is not just about continuing the Destiny Universe. Having been able to build such depth of talent, these incubations are truly amazing. "

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Unfortunately, Parsons was unable to elicit any further details during the interview. Therefore, it is unknown what exactly Bungie is currently working on. It is certain, however, that the developer studio is currently working on several projects at the same time and that we can expect a lot in the foreseeable future. We will of course stay on the ball for you in this regard.

Source: metro

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