What's next with Switch and Co.?

If we go back a few years in Nintendo's history, right in the middle of the life cycle of the Wii U, we see a completely different Nintendo than today. At that time, the home console business was on the ground, financial reserves and a decent 3DS success kept the company afloat at the time. A leap in time for 2019: The Switch is sold tens of millions of times, leaving everyone else behind for the particularly high-selling Black Friday week. Big N wins several awards at The Game Awards. The promising mobile business is growing ever faster, and Nintendo is making more and more money digitally. With master detective Pikachu, the filming of a Nintendo title from scratch is one of the most successful cinematic video game adaptations. Of course, the question inevitably arises: How will things continue in 2020? Does the wave of success continue? What do the Japanese have in store?

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In terms of Switch, the new year is still fairly unclear regarding new games. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a big title in March, Xenoblade Chronicles will get a new edition on the switch sometime in 2020, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 has currently no release period, but is in the works and Release at the end of 2020 is not completely unlikely. Metroid Prime 4, also under development and already announced, is likely to be a long time coming. There are rumors every now and then about a remake of Super Mario Sunshine and Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo's hybrid console. But officially there is nothing there yet. Many third-party titles, including numerous indies, have already been announced. In this regard, 2020 is likely to continue similarly as before, so countless indie games for the console can be expected. Just in December 2019, Nintendo again presented promising titles in a video presentation.

And otherwise in terms of switch? Perhaps a new platform will be added for online subscribers in September. Nintendo 64? Game boy? Nothing has been announced yet, but that would be conceivable. Desirable for many switch players anyway. A Switch Pro is likely to remain unlikely in the meantime. At the end of 2020, however, the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft will be available. The closer the new platforms get, the sooner Nintendo may still have some serious thoughts about an improved and more powerful Pro model.

In mobile games, an intensification of what we have already seen in 2019 is expected in 2020. Means: Mobile-typical aggressive financing models, baselessly overpriced premium currency, relevant game content behind the subscription payment barrier. Where we were very positive about Nintendo's titles in the mobile segment at the time of a Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, that changed significantly last year, especially with the Mario Kart Tour. A Zelda title for mobile should have been in the works for some time. Here we are expecting (unfortunately!) A game similarly destroyed by monetization as in the Mario Kart Tour.

Nintendo will continue to release more mobile games in 2020. However, these should be monetized as aggressively as the Mario Kart Tour.

Nintendo will continue to release more mobile games in 2020. However, these should be monetized as aggressively as the Mario Kart Tour.

Source: Nintendo

However, we no longer expect anything from the 3DS. So, no more new games or even models. The platform can now definitely be considered closed. Sure, the eShop is still running, and certainly for a few more years; console and games will definitely be sold for a while. The 3DS is just a cheap entry into the world of video games and offers a lot of great games. Basically, the Switch Lite inherited the old 3D handheld and should now primarily be the Nintendo console for pure handheld gamers.

The Mario animated film, which has been announced for a long time and is in the works, should not be released until 2022, but should nevertheless be briefly mentioned here. A successor to the successful master detective Pikachu is already in pre-production, so an end product is not yet to be expected in 2020 either. More films and series with Nintendo licenses? Who knows. The success of the Pikachu strip could have made the subject interesting for Nintendo.

The first Nintendo amusement park in Tokyo is to open in time for the Summer Olympics as Super Nintendo World. More parks are to follow.

The first Nintendo amusement park in Tokyo is to open in time for the Summer Olympics as Super Nintendo World. More parks are to follow.

Source: Nintendo

The first Nintendo amusement park is to open in 2020, in Tokyo! One of several Universal Studios is located there, and part of this park is expected to offer various Nintendo rides from spring 2020. The attractions called Super Mario Kart and Yoshi's Adventure have been announced. Other Nintendo amusement parks have also been announced as part of Universal Studios in Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore. It remains exciting when such a plan is planned for Germany or at least Europe.

Streaming is unlikely to become an issue for Nintendo in 2020, which we will deal with, although work is already underway in some form on Nintendo's back rooms. Of course, the E3 in June in Los Angeles will be particularly exciting again, maybe we will see Metroid Prime 4 in action here for the first time, there may be a release date for Breath of the Wild 2. Gamescom, which takes place around two months later, by the way will continue to be in Cologne for the next few years, however, as usual, Nintendo is less likely to consider major announcements. In many cases, Big N is more of a topic for the Nintendo Direct shows anyway. In 2019, Nintendo presented the first edition in mid-February. We suspect that 2020 could look similar, so the first Nintendo Direct of the year should be waiting for us in late winter. Then it will finally become clearer how Nintendo imagines the switch game year 2020, which is currently a little rare.

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