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Also in February 2020, Netflix beckons with a mountain of films and series worth seeing. We present them in a practical overview and make recommendations. In addition to Ghibli films, there are new seasons by Narcos, Outlander and Altered Carbon, for example.

The program for Netflix in February 2020 is now known! We will give you a compact overview of which fresh series, new seasons and films you can watch. There are also one or two recommendations to help you make your choice.

Ghibli films for the first time as a stream – exclusively on Netflix

The big highlight of February is on February 1st: My neighbor Totoro, Studio Ghibli's world-famous animated film is available for the first time via a streaming service. But the cuddly forest spirit is not alone: ​​other Ghibli hits like The castle in the sky. Kiki's small delivery service. Porco Rosso and others are also available on the same day. Films such as Nausicaä. Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away,

Netflix: Trailer announces animated films from Studio Ghibli

Hell or High Water – bank robber thriller with Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges

To save his children from living in poverty, Toby Howard (Chris Pine) teamed up with his dubious brother Tanner (Ben Foster) to rob bank branches. So they want to get enough money to pay off the mortgage on the family farm at this bank. Because oil was found on the property – the family would have taken care of it. But on the other side of the law, Texas Rangers like Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges) are already hot on their heels.

The gripping thriller shines with a bleak view of modern Texas and the excellent actors in this contemporary western. Thanks to the exciting cat and mouse game, there is never a dull moment.

Hell or High Water: First trailer for the highly acclaimed Heist thriller with a top-class cast

Netflix in February 2020: new series and seasons

3 February

February 5th

  • The pharmacist
  • Outlander (Season 4)

February 6th

  • Cagaster of an Insect Cage

February 7th

  • My Holo Love
  • Locke & Key
  • Who Killed Malcolm X?
  • Dragons – The Young Dragon Saviors (Season 2)

February 8th

13th February

  • Narcos: Mexico (Season 2)

14th of February

  • Taj Mahal 1989
  • The Telephone Operators (Season 5, Part 1)

19th of February

  • The Chef Show (Season 3)

21st of February

  • Gentefied
  • A woman cleans up
  • Spectros
  • The first year of life
  • Glitch Techs
  • Welpenakaedmie

February 24th

  • Better Call Saul (Season 5)
  • The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia

February 26th

27th of February

  • Altered Carbon – The Immortality Program (Season 2)
  • Followers
Trailer for the first season of Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon: First trailer for the Blade Runner-like series

February 28th

  • Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Season 2)
  • unstoppable
  • Queen Sono
  • Restaurants on the edge

February 28

Netflix in February 2020: new films

February 1st

  • The Jones spies next door
  • The Birth of a Nation
  • House of Wax
  • Witches witches
  • High Speed ​​!: Free! Starting days
  • The castle in the sky
  • My neighbor Totoro
  • Kiki's small delivery service
  • Tears of memory
  • Porco Rosso
  • Whisper of the sea
  • The chronicles of Erdsee

3 February

  • Love Jacked
  • Fences
  • Hell or high water

February 4th

  • Tom Papa: You're Doing Great! (Comedy special)

February 5th

  • #cats_the_mewvie
  • Grandma's wedding
  • Finale in Berlin
  • Mercenaire – A life with rugby

February 7th

  • Horse girl
  • Schreckenstein Castle 2

February 8th

February 11th

  • Q ball
  • The history of ROMA

February 12th

  • To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

13th February

  • Your story in Dragon Quest

14th of February

February 15th

  • Poseidon
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

20. February

February 22

February 25th

27th of February

  • Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution

February 28th

And what will you look like? Tell us your personal highlights and recommendations from Netflix in February!

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The Witcher puts most successful series start on Netflix

The Witcher is said to have seen over 76 million households on Netflix in the first few weeks.

Netflix: Trailer with the program highlights in February 2020

Netflix presents the highlights of the program for February 2020 in a new trailer. Series fans are looking forward to the launch of Season 5 of the better series Better Call Saul – the new episodes will start on February 24th. Season 2 of Narcos: Mexico starts on February 13, 2020. Film fans will get their money's worth at Isi & Ossi, Poseidon and Ocean's Eight.

Netflix: Trailer announces animated films by Studio Ghibli

With the help of this trailer, Netflix announces that a total of 21 animated films from the Japanese studio Ghibli will be made available in Germany, among others. These include such well-known works as The Castle in Heaven, Princess Mononoke and Chronicles of Erdsee. The starting shot for the publication will be given on February 1, 2020.