Wheelchair accessible dungeon is coming

Dungeons & Dragons want to become more modern, we have known that since last year. Orcs, for example, are no longer supposed to be wild monsters, but are given a real culture. In addition, peoples no longer receive specific advantages and disadvantages, but are basically all the same. And now the first barrier-free dungeon is being introduced, which even heroes in wheelchairs can enter.

D&D should become more and more accessible and modern

Accessibility is the magic word that Dungeons & Dragons now has. Nobody should be excluded or disadvantaged. In the fantasy worlds there are many heroes who fight monsters, but have you ever heard of a barbarian in a wheelchair who beats orcs in the corridors of a dungeon? This is also part of the future of D&D. The 5th edition of the upcoming adventure volume "Candlekeep Mysteries" for the pen & paper role-playing game D&D will introduce the first barrier-free dungeon.

Producer Jennifer Kretchmer has long advocated accessibility in games. "This is nothing new for tabletop games or new to D&D, but it was important to me to build accessibility into my dungeons," said Kretchmer. "As an ambulant wheelchair user, I wanted people to have the ability to see themselves represented in the game. We have the ability to imagine things in fantasy. We don't have to pay to make those adjustments. That's something that we can imagine ourselves in our brain, and it's there. So it's something that was really important to me to incorporate into my design. "

Designer Sara Thompson had done something similar last year. She developed the combat wheelchair for D&D. There are now even 3D miniatures that can be used in the tabletop group. Will we see something like this in computer games in the future? A wheelchair-driving hero in Baldur's Gate 3 would be an interesting character.

Source: Polygon

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