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When can the cars finally be driven in Fortnite Season 3? It will obviously take a few weeks until players actually get into the vehicles and can jet over the map of the Battle Royale shooter. Epic Games is now speaking via the short message service Twitter. The cars were first featured in an Fortnite Season 3 announcement trailer. Until recently, the vehicles were housed on the map as fixed objects – but they could not be driven. Some cars have disappeared since a recent update: According to Epic Games, the vehicles are for inspection.

Driving with the cars in Fortnite: Since the beginning of Season 3, players have been eagerly waiting to finally get into the vehicles housed on the map and be able to take off. It will obviously take a few more weeks before that happens. Epic Games has now commented on this topic in a recent Twitter post. The developers write that many of the vehicles were "brought for inspection". Since a recent update, players have missed many of the cars previously on the map. The vehicles had been on the map as static objects since the start of Season 3 – they could not be driven.

Because some of the cars had disappeared from the game world since the current update, fans had guessed that they would return this week – and then finally be able to drive. "Expect a couple of weeks until they're roadworthy," Epic Games wrote in the tweet. Until the cars return and get into Fortnite (buy now for 16.60 €) finally let it go, apparently it still takes a few weeks.

Epic Games had announced the vehicles in the Season 3 announcement trailer. The current season runs until August 27th. Until then, the cars will eventually be able to return and be driven. Since the start of Season 3, many parts of the map have been under water. However, the level will gradually decrease, which will unlock additional locations. Then a release of the cars would certainly make more sense.

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