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Action RPG players Diablo 3 wonder when Season 19 ends and the next one starts. Blizzard responded to a request in this regard, but in the usual manner.

The last seasons of the action RPG Diablo 3 usually lasted around two and a half months. When a new season starts, the exact end is not known. This is always announced shortly beforehand. And so the question currently arises when season 19 ends.

As usual, Blizzard remains inaccurate

Player Mortred has 3 in the official forum of Diablo (buy now for € 29.11) asked when Season 20 will start on the test server because many are interested in the next topic. There was even an official response from Blizzards Game Producer, Matthew Cederquist Game Producer. When asked whether Season 20 "Soon", "Blizzard Soon" or "Very, very soon" starts on the PTR, he said that he chooses option 1. There should be more information in the coming weeks.

So we basically know as much as before. Based on the previous dates of the seasons, season 19 should end at the end of February. We'll see if that is really the case. Because in the end, Blizzard determines the end of a season and the start of a new one.

Source: icy veins

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