After we had discussed a lot about the postponement and release of Patch 9.1 for WoW Shadowlands, we were surprised last week with a quick start of the test server and were able to dive straight into the new content. But what is actually playable after just two weeks, how are the raid tests going and what about Korthia and Tazavesh? We’ll look at that below.

The status of patch 9.1 on the PTR

All the introductory quests for Patch 9.1 and the events around the gorge and the Ardenwald are already working perfectly and could almost be uploaded directly to the live server. Of course, the in-game cinematics are still provided with placeholders in order not to spoil the important story content about Sylvanas, Tyrande, etc. yet. The first videos about this will probably be dug up by data miners in the next two to three weeks. At least half of the pact violations (alternating event similar to the BfA / Legion attacks) have already been implemented. The Venthyr and Night Fae pact incursions are not yet in play at the time of typing these lines.

That’s the current state of Korthia

Sylvanas, jailer and Anduin

WoW Patch 9.1: Still a lot to do – This is the status on the test server (3)

Source: Blizzard

The new gullet zone is more the size of Mechagon than Nazjatar when viewed from the land mass. Four to five daily quests let you do the usual tasks: fill the bar, defeat X monsters, save Y allies. Rare mobs, treasures, puzzles or the like are not yet implemented. Two somewhat longer quest lines allow you to unlock the southern part “Vault of Secrets”, but there is nothing more than a small flying peninsula with a broken tower. Korthia is still in a very early phase. It was no different with Patch 8.2 and Mechagon.

Raid tests are going quite well

Two bosses have already been tested and Die Neun and Seelefetzer Dormazain should also be tackled at the end of April 22nd to 23rd, but the latter test had to be canceled due to an unstable build. If the tests can continue to be processed this quickly and two to four bosses are tested per week, the raid tests will be pretty quick. That’s a good sign.

Tazavesh is a long time coming

WoW Patch 9.1: Still a lot to do - This is the status on the test server (1)

WoW Patch 9.1: Still a lot to do – This is the status on the test server (1)

Source: Blizzard

The raid dungeon has already been scouted by clever explorers. The construction is already there and looks very promising. The mega dungeon is really mega-large. Mobs are still missing in the instance and there is no prospect of when we will be able to test Tazavesh. Although we are talking about a dungeon the size of Karazhan in Legion, an instance does not have to be tested as much as a raid. We are confident that we will be able to enter Tazavaesh for the first time in two weeks at the latest.

Is something else going on in Desmotaeron?

The northern part of the beast labyrinth was completely rebuilt with new mobs and the raid entrance to the Sanctum of Dominion was moved there. Here we meet Helya’s lap dogs, defected Maldraxxi, Lichs and other vicious creatures. Except for a short story quest series with Thrall and Draka, nothing has propelled us up to the raid there. At the moment the zone is wasted potential, but maybe the tasks from Korthia will send us there one day.

The biggest construction sites of Patch 9.1

Legendary upgrades and gullet-touched items

On Korthia, we receive Progemierfragmentment via a weekly quest. These should somehow later be used to upgrade Legendarys to rank 5 and 6. How many we need and whether it really remains at one fragment per week is not yet known. It looks similar with the Schlund-famous items.

Throat-touched items and special gemstones

We can buy armor tokens for 1,000 gold from a very inconspicuous trader who is hidden in his cave in the far corner of the Korthia outpost and waits alone in his cave next to a progam smithy, with which we can buy armor tokens certain gullet touched items upgrade. Everything seems to point to some kind of benthic gear like in Nazjatar. Throat-touched items have not yet been implemented and the source of the items is unknown. We will certainly unlock these items through Korthia. In addition, there should appear to be special sockets that can only be used in this type of equipment. It looks like this is a big balancing job.

Class changes

Some changes, for example for magicians, are already known. The last updates mostly dealt with the Demolisher and the Deception Villain. In the same breath, PvP talents have been reworked, removed and brand new skills added. Here, too, you are still in front of a balancing construction site.


With the pact-specific Legendarys, about a quarter of which are known so far, a further balancing construction site has been set up in addition to the additional talent series for the soul bonds. Meanwhile, we wonder if the new Legendarys were even needed …

Conclusion – when to release?

On the PTR for Patch 9.1 you can currently only test the most necessary things, although since April 22nd, the last build installed has been so unstable that testing becomes a torture due to disconnections, crazy camera bugs, etc. The really interesting and certainly the most labor-intensive content for classes, the new items and content for Korthia are still missing. If you continue to test the raid bosses at the same pace (8 more bosses), it will take about three weeks until you are through with it and maybe even test one or the other mythical boss encounters. If you add one to two weeks of preparation time for the community to the minimum test time for raids, class and Korthia content, the earliest date is probably mid-June, currently the end of June or the beginning of July is more realistic if everything goes smoothly.

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