Although the PS5 is not even a year old, there are already rumors of a PlayStation 5 Pro. Currently, the information on the drilled out next-gen console is still limited, but one leaker thinks that the improved PS5 version will be launched at the end of 2023.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Pro: will the new console come by the end of 2023?

The PS5 has officially been on the market for almost 10 months, but so far only very few players have been able to snatch one of the coveted next-gen consoles under the nail. Although the standard version of the console is still in short supply, there are already the first rumors about the PS5 Pro.

In a YouTube video, hardware insider Moore’s Law Is Dead explains what he has heard from his sources about the new Sony console and also expresses his own assumptions about the hardware and the targeted release date.

The well-informed YouTuber assumes that the PlayStation 5 Pro will appear at the end of 2023. He also mentions that it is currently too early to be sure which hardware is installed in the Sony console.

New Sony console: more power or cheaper?

It is precisely this question that cannot yet be conclusively clarified. However, many of Moore’s Law Is Dead interlocutors have first ideas what Sony should do with the PS5 Pro:

  • Increase the number of processing units from 36 to 72 CUs
  • Dare to switch to more up-to-date hardware architecture (RDNA 3, Zen 4)
  • Increase the clock rate of the CPU
  • Adjust power consumption to 300 watts

These changes would also go hand in hand with a price increase. The new PS5 Pro would then likely priced at $ 600 to $ 700 are offered and should be aimed primarily at players with 8K televisions.

Moore’s Law is Dead, however, assumes that Sony will take a different path with the PS5 Pro, as the spread of 8K TVs will still be relatively low by the end of 2023. He thinks, that the leap in performance between PS5 and PS5 Pro doesn’t have to be that big.

A simple hardware update, which could bring a performance increase of around 50 percent by the end of 2023, would be sufficient in his opinion. In this way, Sony could keep the selling price for the PS5 Pro as low as possible and also sell the console for around $ 500.

Finally, the YouTuber mentions again that his assumptions are just speculations – there is currently no tangible information. So we will probably have to wait a while until the first real leaks on the PS5 Pro appear.