One last time Agent 47 packs the silenced pistol, throws himself into his suit and straightens his tie – because with Hitman 3, developer IO Interactive brings the story of the secret organization Providence to a close. GIGA was able to take a first look at the new assassination adventure of the contract killer.

Hitman 3

Never change a running system! One of the tenets of the IT industry seems to be part of the mantra for Hitman developer IO Interactive too. Instead of major revolutions and phenomenal innovations, Hitman 3 offers one thing above all: more of the same. However, this is not necessarily to be understood negatively, as we can see in the preview. Thanks to a trick, the developers manage to give the old gameplay a new coat of paint in one level – that should please "old hands" in particular.

Hitman 3 in the preview: From the magnificent skyscraper to the old mansion

With Hitman 3, IO Interactive gives Agent 47's adventure its well-deserved conclusion. We were already allowed to look at a preview version of the game, which gave us an insight into the first two locations of the assassination sandbox.

In Dubai, Agent 47 ends up on the top floors of a magnificent skyscraper, where an extravagant event is currently being held. Since we have misplaced our entrance ticket for the party, we land with the parachute on the outer facade of the building and, thanks to our latest gadget, gain access through a window: a camera phone.

With the snap, we can take evidence photos of documents and other objects at predefined locations that help us pursue certain goals. It can also be used to open up additional routes beforehand. A nice gadget, but not revolutionizing the Hitman formula.

When we arrive at the location, a magnificent sight awaits us. Sunlight falls through the tower's huge windows and floods the room with beautiful rays of light, reflections and shadows. No question, Hitman 3 is by far the most beautiful part of the series.

In Dubai, Hitman 3 really lets the graphics muscles play within a few minutes. (Image: IO Interactive)

This can also be seen at the second location, Dartmoor. In the rainy hills of southern England we have to infiltrate an old mansion with an adjoining garden. Here, too, the look of Hitman 3 shows no nakedness – it can convince both inside the four walls and in the fresh air. Both locations look incredibly organic and despite their believable construction, they offer enough possibilities to exploit Agent 47's strengths.

Hitman 3 in preview: Agent 47 stays true to himself

For series fans, Hitman 3 primarily offers tried and tested standard food. You roam the area, look for your goals and give yourself a chance to take them around the corner as unnoticed as possible. Compared to its predecessor, the arsenal of weapons and tools has not increased that much. That might sound negative at first, but it does mean that players of the last two parts feel right at home again.

The problem: For Hitman pros, the game might be a little too easy. Within a few minutes, suitable opportunities were revealed to us at the first attempt to eliminate our goals and get away with it.

"What happens if I …" – also in Hitman 3, the scenes only develop their full charm when you play them several times. (Image: IO Interactive)

But the real fascination of the locations is not revealed in the first attempt anyway. The first two locations of Hitman 3 also have enough surprises and different murder possibilities in store for all players, so that even after half a dozen attempts you haven't seen everything.

As in the previous versions, it is entirely up to you whether you stage the death of your target person as a tragic accident, drown them in the toilet or in the end use the gun. Both locations offer you more than enough space to let your imagination run wild.

Agent 47 "switches sides" – Hitman 3 offers a brilliant surprise

Despite the outdated gameplay mechanics, Hitman 3 also has a surprise in store for players. How Agent 47 can "change sides" in Dartmoor and solve a previous murder case in the role of a famous detective. To do this, you collect traces and clues all over the property, talk to the suspects to clarify alibis and possible motives and put the cold-blooded killer at the end of your investigation.

A killer is among us! And only detective 47 has the expertise to convict the perpetrator. (Image: IO Interactive)

A lot of fun, which made us guess while we were looking for clues. In the end, clearing up the case is not really demanding, but still brings with it exactly the breath of fresh air that the Hitman series so urgently needs. We sincerely hope that the other four of the six locations can come up with similar surprises.

Preview: Hitman 3 – our first conclusion

After the first two scenes, we cannot give a final conclusion on Hitman 3, but we still want to allow ourselves a first judgment. The conclusion of the new trilogy offers fans of the series exactly what they want and expect: 6 new locations where you can let off steam as you please.

However, there are no major changes to the formula for success. If you can't do anything with the new Hitman series so far, you can safely ignore the third part – especially since the story seamlessly connects to the two predecessors. Anyone who doesn't know them has a problem.

Agent 47 takes on the role of the Angel of Death one last time – with Hitman 3 the story of the hit man comes to an end. (Image: IO Interactive)

IO Interactive stays true to the Hitman recipe, just turns a few small screws and adds tiny innovations. These refine the gameplay, but apart from the "Murder Mystery" in Dartmoor, they are hardly worth mentioning. Whether that will change in the later levels remains to be seen and hoped for. Because even your own favorite dish will eventually become too much if you are served it too often in a row.

Hitman 3 will be released on January 20, 2021 for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Google Stadia, the version for Nintendo Switch will follow later. An exclusive VR mode is also available to players on the PS4.