When will the update come, what's in it?

of Sara Petzold
When will WoW patch 9.1 appear? And what content can we expect? While the developers at Blizzard have been largely silent about this so far, we dare to take a look into the crystal ball and express a guess as to how long we will have to wait for the update.

The first weeks and months of WoW: Shadowlands have passed, many players are already diligently raided through Nathria Castle and meanwhile the pact campaigns and the first story act in Torghast are coming to an end. It would be time for more supplies, wouldn't it? It comes in the form of patch 9.1 – but how long do we have to wait for the update and what content can we expect?

Contents of Patch 9.1: Flying and a New Raid?

The WoW developers have not yet revealed too much information about whether and to what extent the story of Shadowlands will continue in Patch 9.1. Details on the features and content of the update are also few and far between. At least we know that after the release of Patch 9.1 learn to fly in the shadowlands too (unlike in previous WoW expansions such as Legion and Battle for Azeroth, where it only started with patch x.2). Another plus point: This time we don't have to put up with a long reputation grind to be able to raise our mounts into the air above Bastion, Maldraxxus and Co. Instead, we enable flying via the pact campaign.

As for the content of Patch 9.1, we only know that the developers will continue to tell the respective pact campaigns. There will also be new levels of fame with new rewards when the update comes out. But raiders also get their money's worth: Patch 9.1 brings the second raid of Shadowlands into the game, which, according to game director Ion Hazzikostas, will take place in a particularly impressive location – details are not yet available.

When will patch 9.1 be released?

What also remains unclear is the release date of Patch 9.1. The WoW developers released Patch 8.1 for Battle for Azeroth just 38 days after the expansion was released on the test server, but the first major content update for Shadowlands should take a little longer. We expect Blizzard to reveal the contents of Patch 9.1 along with a specific release date at BlizzConline, which will take place as an online event from February 19-20, 2021. Perhaps the patch will then end up on the test server and appear on Shadowlands' live servers sometime in March 2021.

Until then, we will of course provide you with all the relevant details about WoW (buy now € 14.99 )who will keep you updated on Shadowlands and Patch 9.1. As soon as detailed information about the update becomes known, you will find it in a corresponding overview article on our main page.

Source: Icyveins

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