Where are the shoes from the Isle of Exile transmog kit?

from Matthias Brückle
In the new tutorial area of ​​WoW, the island of the exiled, there is a chic armor set for new characters to get hold of. But that is incomplete. Players are now upset that the developers forgot to include the items.

Anyone who wants to level a new character since the release of the pre-patch of WoW Shadowlands can do this as an alternative to the usual starting areas on the island of exile. This brand new launch experience explains many mechanics of the game and certain classes to newbies. But this is also a refreshing experience for veterans, which also attracts with special transmog sets and weapons. But the transmog set for newcomers to the Horde and Alliance is incomplete! The boots are nowhere to be found – apparently the developers forgot them. Because in the game files they are definitely there. Also in the game files are some weapon skins like simple warglaives and chic shields without much decoration.

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While beginners can collect boots on the Exiled Island, they are white items without valuesthat are not part of the Alliance / Horde set of the tutorial.

This is how you can get a replacement for the missing boots in WoW

But if you are looking for the right boots, you can get them as a craftsman: Because the set from the island of the exiles is the aspirant set from Season 1 by BfA. So if you want, you can get the following shoes through crafting:

It remains curious, however, that the set from the island of the exile is incomplete. Hopefully the developers at Blizzard will not ignore the many complaints from gamers.

Source: wowhead, Vanion

How do you find the island of the exiled? Do you recommend it as a new starting experience? Or do you prefer to stick to the classic starting areas? Write us in the comments!

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