Where else can I buy a PS5? The current status

After a turbulent PS5 pre-order week, the new Sony console appeared in Germany on November 19th. Those who had no luck with buying a PS5 by the day of release got another chance to buy the PS5 in various online shops on the afternoon of November 19th. As expected, the announcement by Amazon and various retailers led to a collective shop meltdown that even temporarily brought the Amazon servers to their knees. Some online shops, such as Gamestop or Expert, were even no longer accessible for hours. In some cases, when asked, the operators could not even say whether there were still available PS5s in the warehouse, because under the load of the onslaught nothing worked. Then there is also news about bot networks from scalpers, who were able to get hold of thousands of consoles in order to offer them profitably for moon prices on various platforms. A frustrating experience that again left many disappointed people behind. And one question remains: when can the PS5 be bought again?

On the part Media Markt and Saturn there is at least a first official statement:

"Due to the very high demand for pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 (buy now ) (PS5) unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will be able to serve all pre-orderers when sales start on November 19, 2020 in Germany. We are in close contact with the manufacturer in order to carry out all pre-orders as quickly as possible with the release date. With the start of sales of the new console, we will therefore gradually begin delivering exclusively to those who have pre-ordered.
In principle, no new pre-orders are currently possible at MediaMarkt and Saturn. We are already in close contact with the manufacturer for further subsequent deliveries. Please understand that we do not comment on specific sales and sales figures in individual product areas. "

The reference to the start of sales is of course no longer applicable. After all, most of the buyers who received an email from Media Markt and Saturn at the beginning of November informing them of a possible delivery delay have now received their PS5. However, some buyers who have pre-ordered their PS5 from Media Markt and Saturn are still waiting for their delivery. The delivery should be completed by the second week of December.

A fourth wave of PS5 sales has not yet been announced on Amazon. It is rather unlikely that there will be another large contingent of PS5 for sale before Christmas – especially since not even all pre-orderers have received their console. There may be options to pre-order a PS5 again – with a correspondingly long delivery time. It will certainly take a few more months until the immense demand for the PS5 can be satisfied. Playstation boss Jim Ryan also stated that currently "absolutely everything sold"The prospects for the availability of the PS5 are not good.

That's why the chances are currently bad if you were speculating on buying a PS5 before Christmas. After all: The accessories for the PS5 can still be pre-ordered in most shops. Below we list the shops where you can buy a PS5 when it is available again. We will keep you up to date.

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