Are you one of those unlucky gamers who still couldn’t buy a PS5? You are not alone. We remember the queue in the Euronics shop at the end of February, when almost 130,000 people were hoping for the chance to load the new Sony console into their virtual shopping cart …

We do not know how many devices were actually available. Contingents of available PS5s have been in the three-digit range since the beginning of the year. The probability of getting a console in the normal way, unless you scan the usual shops, is therefore still low. Various websites now have one Liveblog started to inform desperate PS5 fans about current availability.

Sony was surprised by the demand for the PS5, it said a few weeks ago. Well, we can’t think of anything anymore. More and more fraudsters are trying to get the money out of desperate buyers. And the fake pages are becoming more and more professional. After the announcement that Sony intends to sell PS5 consoles itself in the future, a website in particular attracted potential buyers. It is playstation-sony.XX (we waive a direct link) but not an official Sony site! Overall, please be careful: if an offer is too good to be true, it usually is.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you there either, in our editorial team there are still people without a Playstation 5. Perhaps the bot can help you, which searches German retailers for new PS5 availabilities. Or you follow various Twitter accounts that draw attention to new offers. Until then, all you have to do is take a look at the usual shops and a quick mouse finger to forestall the scalpers.

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