Which heroes do you want in 2020?

of Norbert Rätz
The new year has begun, and Heroes of the Storm developers are likely to bring more new heroes to the Nexus in the coming months. The following survey shows you who is currently particularly in demand.

Last year, the 10 top favorites from Heroes of the Storm fans were Deathwing, Baal, Belial, Vashj, Mannoroth, Vol'jin, Cairne, Anduin, Reinhardt, and Azshara, with Anduin and Deathwing finally making it into the Nexus. The next annual survey to determine the current favorite heroes of the community has just started at Reddit and the results may also be observed by the developers.

Before you take the following survey, you should know the list very is long and contains almost all the important Blizzard characters. Below you will find the link to the survey and the survey tracker with the current results:

Have fun!

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