from Sara Petzold
Currently in the beta of WoW: Shadowlands the riding ability of the allied peoples causes astonishment: normally members of the allied peoples start their journey at level 10 with the ability "inexperienced riding" – but not the death knights.

Who in WoW: Shadowlands creates a new character and himself decides for one of the Allied Races, begins his journey through Azeroth at level 10 and with the "Inexperienced Riding" ability – normally anyway. Because loud IcyVeins there is currently an exception to this rule that specifically affects the class of death knights.

Because while all normal classes start at level 10 with 60 percent riding speed and at level 20 the ability "Practiced riding"Learn at 100 percent riding speed, death knights start directly at level 10 with 100 percent riding speed. Therefore, death knights currently find the ability" Proficient riding "in their spellbook at level 10. All other classes can only use the ability at level 10"Inexperienced riding"use.

Of the Reddit user Garrosh summarizes the riding skills of the classes in WoW (buy now € 23.39 ): Shadowlands according to the current beta status together as follows:

  • Allied races start at level 10 with "Inexperienced Riding".
  • Allied Peoples death knights start at level 10 with "Proficient Riding".
  • Death knights of all other races start at level 8 without riding ability and automatically receive "Trained Riding" at level 10.
  • Demon Hunters start at level 8 and can use "Proficient Riding" right from the start.

We don't currently know whether this distribution of riding skills is an intentional feature or a bug. Because death knights in Battle for Azeroth already have a starting advantage over the other WoW classes (with the exception of the demon hunter) because of their higher level, we can well imagine that Blizzard wants to compensate the players for the loss of the level advantage with the faster riding speed .

What do you think about that? Write us in the comments!

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