Which pact for which class?

from Norbert Rätz
The crucial question of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands is undoubtedly: which pact should I choose for my class or specialization? And the answer is: it depends. In this game tip we have some suggestions for you based on the current beta.

As soon as you have reached the maximum level 60 in WoW Shadowlands and explored the new zones, you can join a pact. Each of the four pacts offers its champions a basic ability, a class-specific ability, mounts and cosmetic rewards, as well as access to a pact sanctum, which can be gradually unlocked through an epic campaign and other activities.

The choice of pact depends, among other things, on which class or specialization you choose. But other factors also play a role in the decision. There are various legendary items, soul bonds, reinforcing media within the soul bond, and the synergy effects among all these variables as well as in group play must also be taken into account if you are striving for the optimum. The website Worldofmoudi therefore did some research in the beta and in the relevant forums to find out what the community currently prefers. The following suggestions are of course non-binding, but show the approximate tendencies.

Table legend

KYR = Kyrians
NEC = Necrolords
NF = Night Fae
VEN = Venthyr

WoW Shadowlands: which pact for which class / specialization?

Mythic +RaidPvP
Warriors (weapons)NF / KYRVENNF / KYR
Warrior (fury)NF / KYRVENNF / KYR
Warrior (protection)NF / KYRNECNF / KYR
Hunter (animal domination)NFNEC / VENKYR / VEN
Hunter (marksmanship)NEC / VENNEC / VENKYR / VEN
Hunter (survival)NECNEC / VENKYR / VEN
Mage (Arcane)NFNEC / NF / KYRVEN
Magician (fire)NFKYR / NFVEN
Mage (Frost)NFNEC / NFVEN
Villain (assassination)NECNECNF / NEC
Villain (lawlessness)NECNECNF / NEC
Villain (deception)NF / NECNF / NECNF / NEC
Priest (discipline)NECNFVEN
Priest (holy)NECNFVEN
Priest (shadow)VEN / NECVEN / NECVEN / NEC
Warlock (affliction)VEN / KYRNEC / VENVEN
Warlock (Demonology)VEN / KYRNEC / VENVEN
Warlock (Destruction)VEN / KYR / NECNEC / VENVEN
Paladin (Holy)KYR / NFNEC / NFKYR / NF
Paladin (protection)KYR / NFNEC / NFKYR / NF
Paladin (retribution)KYR / NF / VENNEC / NFKYR / NF
Druid (balance)NF / NEC / VENNF / NEC / VENNF
Druid (ferocity)NF / NEC / VENNF / NEC / VENNF
Druid (guardian)NEC / KYRNF / VENNF
Druid (restoration)NECNECNF
Shaman (elemental)VEN / KYR / NFVEN / KYR / NFVEN / NF
Shaman (reinforcement)NF / VEN / KYRNF / KYR / VENVEN
Shaman (restoration)NEC / VENNEC / VENNEC / VEN
Monk (brewmaster)NFNFNF
Monk (mistweaver)NFNEC / KYRNF
Monk (wind runner)NFNFNF
Demon hunter (devastation)VENVEN / NFNF
Demon hunter (vengeance)VENVENNF
Death knight (blood)NFKYRNEC / NF
Death Knight (Frost)VEN / NFKYR / VENNEC
Death Knight (Unholy)NF / VENKYRNEC

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