Which PvP gear system has been the best so far?

from Karsten Scholz
In World of Warcraft there has always been the possibility of using PvP content to acquire equipment for your own hero. Since the system is being changed again with Shadowlands, we want to know from you: Which PvP equipment system have you liked best in the history of WoW so far? The vanilla ranking system? The toughening clothes made from TBC? Let us know in the comments!

With WoW: Shadowlands the developers of World of Warcraft change again the equipment system for the PvP area: Merchants are returning, and you can activate a special bonus by wearing two PvP trinkets. The system currently looks completely different in WoW Classic, where there are different PvP reputation factions and the honor system with the 14 ranks gives.

Up from the Vanilla-WoW system from 2005 to 2006 (and now in WoW (buy now 15.00 € ) Classic) has become the current system in Battle for Azeroth, a fair amount of water flowed down the Maelstrom. To Wowhead the player Mystzr remembered all the PvP equipment systems in all the WoW expansions and summarized their special features:

  • Vanilla / Classic: Using the rank system, you could get pieces of equipment that had more stamina than the rewards from dungeons and raids. The sets also provided the players with special set bonuses, some of which were also attractive for PvE, but of course often also provided great advantages in PvP battles. Due to the item balance, however, you still had to do PvE to get the best possible items for some of the slots.
  • The Burning Crusade: With the arena, equipment with the new attribute of resilience came to Azeroth or Outland. With hardening you could noticeably reduce the damage caused by other players and the attribute was only available on PvP items. Here, too, the PvP sets provided special bonuses in order to increase the hardening even further and to make skills important for PvP more efficient. In Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm the system was further expanded. However, all three phases had a problem: Occasionally, some of the PvE loot items were so strong that they could mean the difference between victory and defeat in PvP. This includes legendarys like Azzinoth Warglaive, Grief or Dragon wrath, but also some "normal Epixxes" like Will of the Deathbringer or Vial full of shadows. In these cases, the loss of resilience was easily absorbed by the additional damage.
  • With Mists of Pandaria Resilience was replaced by defense (PvP), and there was a second attribute with power (PvP). From now on, players with PvP equipment should not only take less damage from other players, but also cause more damage to other players. And even in this era, players had it much easier thanks to the PvP set bonuses in the arena or on the battlefields. In this phase there was hardly any reason to look for PvP items from dungeons or raids.
  • The most powerful were PvP items in Warlords of Draenor. The strongest items from PvP could scale in PvP situations to an item level (and even above) that was otherwise only available via the mythical level of difficulty. At the same time, the Mythic items were scaled down in PvP. Defense (PvP) and Power (PvP) were combined to form versatility and could now also be present as an attribute on PvE equipment.
  • With legion The developers then went a completely different way: The item level of objects was normalized, they also introduced so-called stat templates, which made the character stronger with increasing item level, but only to a small extent. The result: Compared to before, the heroes' equipment was no longer as important, just as it was no longer important where the equipment came from – which is why PvP dealers were removed.
  • In Battle for Azeroth the system was then thrown overboard again: No more stat templates, no more normalization of values, equipment is important again. The items that you earn in PvP, however, do not bring the PvP players much advantage. There is still versatility on rewards from all content, powerful PvP set bonuses are in vain. Nor do the developers rely on the scaling known from WoD. The only important thing at the moment is where you get the items with the highest item level and the best combination of values. And for way too many equipment slots for a PvP player, the answer is unfortunately: PvE. The problem is exacerbated even further because certain Azerite items or pieces of jewelry from the PvE area are enormously powerful for PvP battles due to their effects.

Which of these systems would you wish for in the future of WoW? Or should the developers rely on a mix or even a completely different system when it comes to equipment in PvP? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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