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WoW offers players a wide range of different races. Some of them are often represented, others less so. In this special, our author Sara Petzold deals with the popularity of the individual peoples and reveals which unpopular ethnic-gender combination she likes best.

Some races in WoW are very popular with gamers. People for example. Or night elves. Some have a rather mediocre popularity, such as the undead. And then there are female gnomes. Or female tauren. Or female dwarfs. You hardly ever see them in WoW. But why is that actually the case? And do the players rightly disdain some of these people-gender combinations?

When appearance is paramount

Sure, we all want to play a character who just looks cool and powerful. I am totally into glasses myself and like each of my characters the corresponding nose bike in the face. When there was no transmogrification yet, I always wanted to have shoulder pieces for my character as quickly as possible, so that it just looks better. I didn’t care if they didn’t really fit in with my class.

In the popular elections, I was guided by external characteristics for a long time. For example, I could never imagine playing a female tauren. No, sorry, that just couldn’t be done. But there are already a number of races that I find really cool and that, in my opinion, are wrongly ranked lower or lower in the ranking of the most popular breeds:

  • Mechagnome: Some refer to them as the ugly, diaper-wearing siblings of the normal gnomes. But I’ve always been fascinated by technical gadgets, which is why my characters are almost all engineers and I’ve always had a Tinkerer class for WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Wishes.
  • Pandaren: When the WoW developers announced the people of the pandaren as a playable race, the WoW community reacted split – and remains so to this day. Many believe that the pandaren don’t fit WoW. But why not really? In the end, tauren are nothing more than humanized animals that look somehow cool. Why shouldn’t that also work with pandas? In any case, I am still proud of my pandaren priest with his plump belly.
  • Kul Tiraner: For some they are the epitome of ugliness, for me they are a welcome change from the boring, slim design of “normal” people. The Kul Tirans stand for diversity and for the fact that heroes do not always have to correspond to an ideal optical image – just like male pandaren.
  • Goblins: I still remember how excited I was when Blizzard announced the Goblins with Cataclysm as a new playable race. Ever since Vanilla, I’ve wanted to play a goblin who was exactly the right counterpoint for me to the gnomes that were far too good for me. Little green poisonous dwarfs that you can train to become villains and then operate really immersive RP – a dream.

Yes, the choice of the people in WoW is and remains a question of appearance. Some races optically inspire a broader mass of players and are accordingly represented more frequently. But wouldn’t that be a good reason to swim against the current? We all want individual characters. So why not reach for a less strongly represented peoples and stand out from the crowd of pretty people and elves? Anyway, I’ll do a devil and use a human or blood elf for my next new character. Maybe someday I will still warm up with the female tauren …

What do you think about that? Do you play characters from a rather unpopular people? And what role does the look of your race play for you in character creation? Do you only decide on the outside or also on the background story and the characteristics of the people? We want to know your opinion: Write us in the comments below!

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