Who broke the machinery of death?

The first act of the Shadowlands campaign is done! In the Shadowlands, Blizzard tells us many exciting stories. There is the throat and the jailer who once belonged to the Eternals and was locked in the throat for treason. In the Maldraxxus, the image of the missing Primus utters his true name for the first time. In Revendreth we uncover the betrayal of Count Denathrius. While Sylvanas' true role and in the great game of the Shadowlands remains unclear. All we know so far is that she and the jailer are up to something with Anduin Wrynn. His strong connection to light was probably the undoing of the young Hochkönig. However, besides this story, there are many more unanswered questions.

Oribos, the judge and the machinery of death

The pain! The power of the corrupt soul was so great that it instantly eliminated the judge.

The pain! The power of the corrupt soul was so great that it instantly eliminated the judge.

Source: Blizzard

One of these questions is currently of particular concern to WoW fans: When and why did the machinery of death break down? In the video in which Tal-Inara tells us the story of Oribos and the judge, we see the exact moment when the machinery of death broke and the judge fell into a coma. In the in-game cinematic, we also learn that the city itself is a gigantic anima machine, while the judge sorts the arriving souls. So it is not the machine itself, but a kind of processor that was created just for this one task. The mediators take this order for granted, although they do not really understand the system of the creators. That is why the people of Oribos cannot share much information with us and answer our heroes almost no questions.

If you summarize all the information about the great anima drought from the Shadowlands campaign, then the judge fell into a coma between Ysera's death and the end of Legion. In the Oribos-Cinematic we not only see the entire splendor of the great machine that bundles the anima stream, but also this one glowing soul that meets the judge and literally turns her off. The mediator Tal-Inara does not go into this obviously corrupt spirit in her story, although the fiery red glow of the soul was very noticeable.

In the Orbos video, the fiery red soul in the anima stream cannot be overlooked.

In the Orbos video, the fiery red soul in the anima stream cannot be overlooked.

Source: Blizzard

The mediators serve the judge in Oribos, but they are not allowed to interfere in her work. & Nbsp;

The mediators serve the judge in Oribos, but they are not allowed to interfere in her work.

Source: Blizzard

For Mittler it doesn't matter when and why, they pay attention to Oribos, but they are completely decoupled from the work of the judge. The first established this strict separation between servants and the judge, certainly for security reasons. However, this system is now taking revenge. Because the insidious thing about this devious attack on Richter was that besides herself, nobody in Oribos can take over her task and divert the great stream of anima out of the gullet.

The suspects

Although we know next to nothing about said soul, we can still speculate about its true origin. If we compare Oribos and the judge with a computer, then the red soul was definitely a virus that paralyzed the software, i.e. the function of the city itself. Let us take the fiery red tail of the soul as a guide. Some lore fans suspect that it was the tortured world soul of Argus. The newborn Titan was associated with death in Legion, and his body and soul glowed in the same fiery red tone as the soul that drove the judge out of the blue. The ending of Argus actually fits roughly into the time window of the break. Still, Argus doesn't quite fit into the picture. He was a Titan, so his soul is tied to the domain of order. Even if the Burning Legion could completely corrupt Argus' soul, the Titan would end up in the chaos of the Twisting Nether rather than the Shadowlands. The first did not rapture the Shadowlands without reason, only the souls of mortals should have a place here, the titans and other beings have no business in the afterlife.

World of Warcraft

Ysera's death and her connection to the Emerald Nightmare could have dire consequences for the Shadowlands.

Source: Buffed

Another hot suspect is Xavius, who gained incredible power in Legion and rose to be lord of the Emerald Nightmare. The satyr lord was responsible for the death of Ysera, rather he himself died in the emerald nightmare. Xavius' soul could have been this fiery red soul, after all, the red color of the nightmare fits like a fist on the eye. With Xavius, Ysera and the Emerald Dream, Blizzard's authors could definitely establish a connection to the Old Gods and give the Ardenwald story more depth. In addition, Ysera's story builds a story bridge between Elune and the winter queen, who the dragon lady in the Ardenwald describes as "her sister's pet".

But let's leave the red color out of the picture. It is possible that the developers used this eye-catching color merely as a stylistic device to underline the malice of the soul. If we are all the bad guys in WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) Take another closer look at the Legion, then Helya's death in the test of bravery leads perfectly over to Shadowlands. Helya's fate is closely linked to Odyn and the Shadowlands. Long ago Odyn sacrificed one eye to the jailer to look into the Shadowlands. Helya was the first Val'kyr to serve Odyn as a mediator between the realm of the living and the dead. The jailer poisoned Helya's mind, full of hatred betrayed Odyn and founded her own realm of the dead called Helheim.

Helya's fall turns into ascent

World of Warcraft

Mysterious! At the beginning of WoW Legion, Helya and Sylvanas made a pact. What Helya asked for in exchange for the soul lantern from Sylvanas remains a secret to this day.

Source: Buffed

In WoW Legion, Sylvanas made a mysterious pact with Helya. We know what the banshee queen got for it. Sylvanas attacked Eyir, the highest Val'kyr, at the end of the Stormheim campaign, and tried to enslave her with Helya's soul lantern. What Helya got in exchange for the lantern remains a secret to this day. Now we meet Helya again in the intro scenario of Shadowlands and she is more powerful than ever before.

So Helya returns as an ally of the jailer. In the throat of souls we learn that she now rules over the river of souls. This backs up the theory that it was Helya's hateful soul who killed the judge. There is much to suggest that Sylvanas gave her something in Legion that made her powerful enough to break the machinery of death and divert the anima stream straight into the Maw. As long as the judge is in a coma, Helya is the true ruler of the soul flow. And it is anything but neutral!

Which villain do you suspect behind the red soul from the Oribos-Cinematic? Is Helya responsible for the chaos in the Shadowlands? Or can you think of another WoW character that fits better into the picture? Share your fan theories with us in the comments!

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