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Didn't get a PlayStation 5 while pre-ordering? No need to rush, because Sony is also releasing 40 PS5 games for the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 5

40 games for which you do not necessarily need a PS5

With the last PS5 showcase, Sony gave a better overview of the upcoming games of the next-gen console. Surprisingly, there will be 40 new titles also released for the PS4 will.

This is surprising because Sony has always tried very hard in the past to offer games that were exclusively available for the next-gen in order to encourage gamers to accelerate the switch to the new console.

Is Sony trying a new approach with the PS5? It wouldn't be surprising, after all, she has PS4 has sold over 100 million times and thus gathers a huge number of players. Nice also for players who want to wait to get a PlayStation 5.

Also practical for gamers who have previously missed out on pre-orders. Would you like to pre-order the PS5? Read everything about this in our practical pre-order article.

Of course there will also be pure PS5 exclusive games. Godfall would be an example of this. But strong Sony draft horses like Horzon: Forbidden West or Spider-Man: Miles Morales surprisingly get one PS4 version lost.

We recommend Horizon: Zero Dawn, the predecessor of Forbidden West, one of the best games of the last few years. Now in PS store look at:

Here is a list of the 40 PS5 gameswhich you will also be able to enjoy on the PS4. It should also be said that these are not necessarily PlayStation-exclusive titles. You can also open many of the games now Amazon pre-order:

This list will certainly expand until the release of the PS5, after Sony has announced that it will continue to supply the PS4 with updates for another four years after the release of the next-gen. For players with narrow wallet Sony’s approach is definitely more than fair. Of course, there are still good reasons to switch to the PS5.

Many of the games featured are likely to be greatly influenced by the new features benefit of the upcoming console and thus offer the definitely better gaming experience. It also remains to be seen how Sony will deal with others First party games will proceed and whether they will also receive a PS4 version.

If you want more information on upcoming features of the PS5, take a look at our article on price, release and design of the next-gen.

How is the PS5 line-up performing at release? And what release games did PlayStation have to offer in the past? You can find out all of this in the following picture series:

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It's nice to know that PS4 players will get their money's worth with the new games and not necessarily have to buy a PS5. Even if the next-gen features will provide a better gaming experience.