Who would have thought, demon hunter is overpowered

from Sebastian Glanzer
The first nerfs for Demon Hunter cards shouldn't be long in coming. Shortly after the release of the new Hearthstone expansion Ruins of Outland, no clear metagame has been defined that the demon hunter is far too strong, but you can see it at first glance.

In WoW the first new class (death knight) has been made a little stronger so that as many players as possible pounce on it and it does not disappear immediately after the release. In Hearthstone, Blizzard seems to be following a similar tactic to launch the new Outland Ruins expansion. The fact that the demon hunter currently dominates the metagame is not only due to the fact that everyone is trying it out, but also because of his much too strong cards.

With the philosophy of the demon hunter cards, the developers refute all the basics of past extensions and implement cards that one actually wanted to avoid in the future. In addition to strong cards for 1 mana like Courier of the purple seal or Combat monsters the demon hunter has a lot of burst damage by allowing his hero's attack power to shoot up through a multitude of servants and spells, which often ends in an OTK (one turn kill). In addition to aggressive cards, the new class has a lot of card draw as well as self-healing and mock cards. Although you get the ramp card maintenance when 5-mana card looked too strong, was with Skull of the Gul'dan "printed" a much stronger card for less mana.

Hearthstone: The New Demon Hunter Class – Gameplay Trailer

You wanted to remove cards with a rush from the game slowly but surely. This is one of the main reasons why classics like Leeroy Jenkins have had to go to the Hall of Fame. In the same breath, however, you have a card like Kayn Sunfury created for the demon hunter. With his special ability, the Onslaught Servant not only ignores taunt himself, but also allows other friendly servants to ignore taunt effects. Except for silence effects – which the demon hunter also has – this mechanic is unique in Hearthstone. (buy now for € 0.00)

Also in the arena, you choose the demon hunter for your chance of twelve wins, since almost all cards from his set dominate in arena mode. The Wild Mode shows how strong the set of the demon hunter really is. Here is the New class win rate at around 54%. In wild mode, all other classes have access to the class cards of the 18 extensions. These are 18 sets of cards from which you can form the perfect deck – the demon hunter only needs one.

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Hearthstone: The new class of demon hunter – gameplay trailer

With this new trailer, the developers of Hearthstone tell you how the new class of demon hunter plays in action. Already now you can complete the demon hunter prologue to receive all ten basic cards of the demon hunter, an initiate set of the demon hunter consisting of a further 20 cards and a prefabricated demon hunter deck. This prologue consists of four single-player story missions that tell Illidan Sturmgrimm's story in the Hearthstone universe from his perspective. The Ruins of Outland expansion will be released on April 7th! Hearthstone: Demon hunter prologue now playable "src =" https://www.buffed.de/screenshots/237x133/2020/04/Hearthstone-Daemonenjaeger-Prolog-Soloabventure-Mannoroth-buffed_b2teaser_1691.jpgPC

Hearthstone: Demon Hunter Prologue now playable

In Hearthstone, you can earn the demon hunter and beginner deck in the new free solo adventure.

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