The “Robas Lund DX Racer 6” gaming chair has been at the top of the Amazon bestseller list for days. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that it is currently available at the absolute best price, on the other hand, there is another special feature. GIGA has the details.

Amazon: XXL gaming chair from Robas Lund cheaper than ever

Who does not know it: You are so absorbed in a game that you completely lose track of time. Only your aching back tears you out of the game session and drives away the good mood. But even long working days in the home office can really hit your physical health and give you a stiff neck. It is all the more important to have a comfortable and, above all, ergonomic chair. the “Robas Lund DX Racer 6” gaming chair XXL has been up for days 1st place in the Amazon bestseller and there straight to the absolute Low price of 138.17 euros to have (instead of 274.53 euros).

Robas Lund DX Racer 6 OH/FD32/NW Gaming Stuhl XXl für große Gamer

Robas Lund DX Racer 6 OH / FD32 / NW gaming chair XXl for big gamers

This is why the Robas Lund gaming chair is so popular

Robas Lund’s gaming chairs are regular in our tests Price-performance winner. You bribe with optimal seating comfort and come with supportive pillows for the neck and lower back. The current bestseller is the “Robas Lund DX Racer 6”. It is held in a sporty racer look and has height-adjustable armrests, a rocker function that allows to Can be tilted 135 degrees and is made of easy-care synthetic leather in black and white, conveniently colored suitable for the new PlayStation 5 console (check the availability of the PS5 here).

The special thing about this gaming chair: It is specially made for tall people. The seat height is continuously height adjustable (approx. 43 cm to 52 cm) and offers through the manually adjustable head and lumbar cushions perfect support and seating comfort with one maximum load capacity of up to 100 kg. Amazon customers are enthusiastic and give this armchair an overall rating of over 1,400 reviews 4.5 stars.

Tip: You can do it again in the Amazon warehouse Save 10 euros. Simply click on “New and Used” on the product page. There will be a couple of the gaming chairs for you 128,38 euros sold and also sent with Amazon Prime. In the warehouse there are mostly products that are technically and visually completely flawless but whose packaging has been opened or damaged by the dealer himself. All products are from Amazon checked and resold at a cheaper price.

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