Why do the servers go down on June 1st?

On June 01, 2020 Niantic switches off the Pokémon GO servers for a total of seven hours. But why are developers doing this? What exactly happens during downtime? We think it's time for a delicious portion of speculoos. Therefore we summarize for you in this special based on an article by Pokemongohub together what Niantic could plan for June 1st.

But note: The following lines contain pure speculation – Niantic has not officially confirmed any of it. So take this article "cum grano salis".

Reason # 1 for the serverdown: migration of the database

A Reddit user has one Announcement of database migration discovered in Pokémon GO. Niantic could therefore migrate the game's databases to Google Spanner, a system based on NewSQL, during maintenance on June 1, 2020. This migration could result in fewer lags and improved app stability. Even if a database migration is certainly not one of the most exciting reasons for the serverdown, some players should still be happy about the increased stability of the software – or not?

Reason # 2 for the serverdown: integration of Pokémon Home

Pokémon Home serves as a cloud system for the storage of Pokémon and allows the transfer of Pokémon between the individual Pokémon games. So far, this only works with the handheld games in the series, the Let's Go titles and Pokémon sword and shield for the Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Company, the developers of Pokémon Home, have already announced that Pokémon GO will also support the transfer system with a future update. It is not yet clear what these transfers will look like and whether they may only work in one direction, as in the case of Pokémon Let's Go and Pokémon GO. But maybe Niantic will introduce the system on June 1st, 2020 …

Reason # 3 for the serverdown: revision of the arena system

Many Pokémon GO fans have been wanting one for a long time Revision of the arena system. Niantic has also announced that the ability to earn coins through arenas in particular will be adjusted. Perhaps this adaptation is only the first step in a fundamental change to the arena system?

In any case, Dataminer have in the files of Pokémon GO special arena tags discoveredthat suggest that the arena meta could change fundamentally:

  • Super, Hyper and Master: Will there be a WP cap for arenas? Then there could be arenas that only allow Pokémon up to a certain WP value, according to the limitations of Pokémon GO's competitive leagues.
  • Easy, Medium, Hard, Ace: These tags could indicate arenas that already have Pokémon in them that you have to defeat to take over the arena, ordered by difficulty.
  • Exclusive, GoFest, special: Maybe there will be event-based arenas soon? These, in turn, could only be available during certain events in the game.

Reason # 4 for the serverdown: New level cap 50

Dataminer also had the Pokémon GO game master file a few weeks ago Rewards for levels 41 to 50 found. Perhaps Niantic will raise the level cap in Pokémon GO as part of the server downtime on June 1, 2020? This should particularly please those players who have long reached the current maximum level 40 and who therefore no longer benefit from events with XP bonuses.

A higher level cap would also mean that Pokémon can reach higher levels. This in turn would affect the upgrade cost of these Star Dust Pokémon and the Meta of the Battle League. One thing is certain: If Niantic increases the level cap as part of the maintenance work at the beginning of June, a lot will change in Pokémon GO.

Reason # 5 for the serverdown: Change of the WP formula

Niantic modified the WP formula in Pokémon GO in November 2018, changing the WP values ​​of all Pokémon in the game. Perhaps Niantic is planning such a strong rebalancing for June 1st, 2020. That in turn would be particularly interesting with regard to a possible new level cap, which could once again clearly mess up the existing Pokémon rankings in PvE and PvP of Pokémon GO.

Reason # 6 for the serverdown: Open Street Map Update

It was a long time ago that Niantic synchronized the map of Open Street Maps with Pokémon GO. In the meantime, the card has changed significantly and could use an update for which server maintenance on June 1, 2020 would be a good opportunity.

What do you think? Why is Niantic doing such extensive maintenance in Pokémon GO? Write us your opinion in the comments!