Rumors of a third part of Left 4 Dead have been circulating for a long time and the joy about alleged leaks was great. But fans have to be strong now: Valve has released an update on these rumors and it doesn't look good for the series.

After the great success of the Left 4 Dead games, fans longed for supplies and as HTC China's President Alvin Wang Graylin Left 4 Dead 3 mentioned in a presentation, the anticipation was huge. It's just stupid that Valve is not working on a third part and maybe never will.

after the are called rumors were in circulation for so long Valve forced himself to the fans update to give them, and thereby gave them a proper cooling.

What would Left 4 Dead 3 have looked like?

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Left 4 Dead Forever Dead?

Hope dies last and maybe it's just a good one Marketing Strategy by Valve, but if you read the company’s opinion, it’s Chance of it very small:

"We have heard the rumors of the past few months. A few years ago we considered a few options for Left 4 Dead, but we're not working on anything that has anything to do with L4D and haven't had it for years. It's clear that some people enjoy spreading misinformation to get the community going. Unfortunately, we are currently not working on a new L4D game, ”says Valve.

What do you say? Would you have wished for a third part? Feel free to write us your opinion in the comments below.