Why is Sephiroth in the remake?

from Susanne Braun
What hardly disturbs the newbies in the universe of Final Fantasy 7, who only entered the world with the remake, can get one or the other veteran mad with good memories of the original version: Sephiroth's appearance in Clouds Visions in Final Fantasy 7 remake. In an interview, they reveal why the developers of Square Enix decided to do so.

The first episode of the Final Fantasy 7 remake has its friends and opponents, both among new players to the Final Fantasy 7 universe and among veterans. However, it can be said that FF7R sold bread like sliced ​​and therefore episode 2 is in the works. While some fans wonder what the next adventures and their adaptation will look like, other members of the community cannot help but wonder why there has been a change in the original Final Fantasy 7 story: Sephiroth. Warning, the text contains mild spoilers. If you don't want to give yourself this, then read away now. If you're keen to find out who Sephiroth is anyway, check out our extensive text!

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Sephiroth did not play a real role in the original game at the time of the events shown in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode 1, nor did it appear in Midgar. It looks a little different in the remake; Visions of Sephiroth plagued Cloud early in the game. Very early to be precise, it starts after fleeing the first Mako reactor. "In the original," said producer Yoshinori Kitase in an interview with the authors of the English newspaper The Guardian, "Sephiroth didn't show up in the part of the story we're telling. We changed that so that from the start he was positioned as someone with an important role in the entire remake project."

Since Sephiroth played a major role throughout the story of Final Fantasy 7, it only made sense for the developers to establish it right from the start of the multi-episode remake project. Unfortunately, Kitase cannot say any more about this, because otherwise he would reveal in advance what to do next with FF7R. "Still, I'm happy about the lively discussion between fans on social media. That gives us a lot of motivation for Episode 2," Kitase is quoted as saying. Kitase does not yet want to reveal how far the original story of Final Fantasy 7 could change as part of the remakes. We are excited anyway!

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