Whether as a doctor, professional athlete or racing driver – Super Mario is a real all-rounder. But primarily he always remains one thing: a lovable plumber. But why did he “choose” this particular profession? Creator Shigeru Miyamoto tells us.

To the 35th birthday of the Super Mario franchise appeared, among other things, the 3D All Stars Collection. To mark the occasion, four pioneering developers of the Mario series gave an interview for the American news channel CNN. Here the inventor of Mario "Jumpman" Mario, why the lively all-rounder is, of all things, a plumber.

The world of Super Mario is darker than you think:

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That's how scary the world of Super Mario really is

A guy like you and me

Mario doesn't lay pipes. He crawls through (♪push hard push! ♪). Plus, none of us have seen him install a radiator in Peach's main residence or clean a clogged toilet. So why the hell is it important that Nintendo's favorite mascot is a plumber? Quite simply, he should by doing this appear more sympathetic:

"We wanted him to be someone who could live near you – and not a superhero," said Shigeru Miyamoto.

mission accomplished – Despite his many talents, Mario doesn't seem like an immortal superhero. This little detail ensures that players all over the world can identify with him. Mario looks down to earth and yet – or precisely because of it – he does a great job in his role as a role model.

A retraining with everything, please!

Mario didn't always lay pipes. The bearded Italian was still in his first video game appearance, the arcade hit Donkey Kong Carpenter. Pipes as abbreviations were still a long way off.

So Mario has to be in his life at least one retraining got behind you, right? Maybe all the pipes in the Mushroom Kingdom had to be serviced and he received a fat bonus for his job change? Perhaps his old employer didn't like the fact that Mario thrashed up the wooden barrels that had been clapped together by hand? We'll never know … unless Shigeru Miyamoto is there for the next anniversary another interview.

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