Cardboard, bots and annoyed graphics card fans – the launch of Nvidia's new graphics flagship was anything but relaxed. A war has been raging on the internet since September 17, 2020, which is now slowly coming to an end.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080

Dust off as many graphics cards as possible with a bot as quickly as possible, thus generating an artificial scarcity of the product in demand and then gradually squandering the RTX 3080, which is significantly overpriced. Some Ebay users have hoped for quick money – In the end, however, the idea turned out to be just as lucrative as the business model of the underpants from the South Park series (step 1: steal underpants, step 2: …, step 3: profit).

Why does everyone want this graphics card? Here are the technical data:

Three times the purchase price is not uncommon !?

While the manufacturer Nvidia is the new graphics monster at a solid price of just under 700 euros in the Founders Edition, you can find offers on Ebay that a mere 2000 euros ask for her good piece. The Nvidia shop was flooded with bots in order to secure as many graphics cards as possible for resale.

Many users who were unable to get hold of a graphics card for private use as a result of this campaign were now faced with a dilemma: annoying the black and waiting until the models are reproduced or biting the bullet (and perhaps the edge of the table) and "a few euros" leaf down more for one of the overpriced eBay advertisements. After all, the old 2080Ti is now obsolete. To make the decision for these people, a user posted in the Nvidia forum that he had written a bot himself to bid for RTX 3080 resales artificially soaring. Bids up to $ 20,000 (?) Are not uncommon here. His post was immortalized on Reddit:

… under the heading “The hero we need but don't deserve”. On some platforms there are even images of bids in the amount of $ 90,000 and more through the net. Hardly anyone should ponder whether they really want to afford this investment – and thus play into the hands of the provider.

Rise of cardboard

… sounds like a trashy movie, but it is actually the reaction of other users to the graphics card bottleneck. So more and more advertisements appeared in which users self-made "paper editions" advertise. As a rule, these were hastily scribbled pictures of the RTX 3080, which even received bids. Are the bots behind it here too? Maybe. So one or the other will be all the more pleased to have a “scalper” (in German: “Scalpierer”) made a few notes out of the cross with pen and paper.

The internet is not an honest place … but it's nice to see liars and cheaters blown up every now and then:

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17 liars unmasked by the internet

What does Nvidia say about it?

Of course, Nvidia is extremely embarrassed about the whole thing. Now the company is trying to do that to continue fueling ongoing production since August and this time to sell the graphics cards to the “right people”. Will they succeed? That remains open. The fact is that the developer wants to declare war on the bots. In addition, the company appeals to all customers who received nothing about the release not to accept the offers on Ebay.

By the way: The initial hype and price war over the RTX 3080 seems to be slowly calming down. Apparently some sellers have learned a lesson from their actions … or simply noticed that the graphics cards are not being ripped out of their hands at the price they had imagined. And who knows, maybe someone is sitting on a stack of graphics cards in a lonely warehouse somewhere. And a single, softly shimmering tear drops onto his empty wallet.

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