Why most Mythic Raiders prefer Night Fae

of Sebastian Glanzer
In the end, the pact election in WoW Shadowlands wasn't as decisive as expected. In the mythical mode of Castle Nathria, however, it becomes apparent that one pact stands out in particular. We take a closer look at the distribution of the pacts in mythical mode.

Shortly after the release of WoW Shadowlands, we already looked at the distribution of the pacts. At that time we looked to see which classes and roles had chosen which pact. This time we take a look at that Data from raider-io and see which pacts the Mythic Raiders in Castle Nathria have chosen.

WoW: Towering over Nachtfae - These pacts choose Mythic Raider (2)

WoW: Towering over Nachtfae – These pacts choose Mythic Raider (2)

Source: raider.io

These are the dates of all the mythical bosses in Castle Nathria. As you can see, the night fae clearly tower above, while the other pacts are roughly in balance. The dominance of the Night Fae in Mythic mode is because most of the good ranged fighters rely on the Night Fae Pact skills. Fire magicians, marksmanship hunters, balance druids and affliction warlocks are currently very popular Range DpS and take the greatest advantage of the Night Fae pact ability.

Since mostly ranged fighters are currently being taken in the raid, the dominance of the night fae is not surprising. Almost as good as the Night Fae pact ability is the soul bond talent Reinforcement. Also the signature ability Soul shape is very helpful in fights with a lot of movement and turns more immobile classes like the warlock into a mobile ranged fighter.

These statistics do not represent the general distribution of the pacts in WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) Shadowlands and is not really meaningful even for the mythical mode, since when typing these lines only 30 guilds have completely mastered the mythical mode of Nathria Castle. The statistics also include, for example, players and groups who have only defeated the first boss. At the side of raider.io you can see an overview of the distribution of the pacts for each individual boss in the mythical mode of Castle Nathria.

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