Why now is the right time to try the MMO for free

We are all currently spending a considerable amount of time in our own four walls – so it is extremely practical that Elder Scrolls Online is free for two weeks from today is playable. On You play Steam after all for a week for free. We recommend every reader to use this week because ESO has evolved a lot since its release in 2014. Especially fans of the Elder Scrolls series, who were dissatisfied with the area and level system at the time, will be surprised. We'll tell you why you should take a look at The Elder Scrolls Online right now and why ESO is one of the best open world MMORPGs with PVE focus.

Bigger, freer, better
For the release, ESO was just another footnote in the genre of "Theme Park MMOs": The player followed a trail of quests that led him through increasingly difficult areas until he finally reached the end game. If you wanted to play an evil character, you had to use your imagination, because until now the player was still forced into a tight role that he could not leave. However, today's ESO is unrecognizable in comparison. On the one hand, there are no level limits anymore, meaning you can go straight out after creating your character and experience adventures everywhere. Correctly read, really every area adapts dynamically to your level and is therefore playable at any time. Even the tight quest corset other games avoid ESO, because you can usually log in, choose a direction and just ride off. There is a good chance that you will find a quest or an interesting place. Tamriel is peppered with hidden quest givers, mini-dungeons and the so-called sky shards, with the help of which your own character gains power. That's what makes ESO such a great open-world experience, because you literally feel like an adventurer as a player. Those who prefer traditional questing will always find a large quest line in the areas, which is completed in a satisfactory final.

When it flexes its graphic muscles, ESO looks magical and captures the mood of epic fantasy very well.

When it flexes its graphic muscles, ESO looks magical and captures the mood of epic fantasy very well.

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When it comes to building quests, ESO also plays almost all of its colleagues on the wall. In contrast to the ordinary collection quests of a World of Warcraft or the dynamic events of Guild Wars 2, stories fully voiced await you in ESO – Final Fantasy XIV alone easily keeps up with ESO. Whether it's about lifting the curse of a haunted tower or defending a village against the onslaught of bandits, as a player you always have the feeling that you are actually helping someone instead of defeating twenty opponents or collecting flowers for the hundredth time. Also great: If you have a friend who is already playing ESO and whose character has reached a higher level than your hero, you can still quests together. Level scaling works well even within a very mixed group.

From combat magicians and melee archers
The construction of the character is just as free as the quest and exploration system from ESO. At the beginning, you choose a class that has three unique skill categories – however, all other skills are freely selectable. This means that you can combine and tinker freely: you want to play a magical tank in plate armor? No problem. The next day, do you fancy a creeping archer fighting with two weapons? Have lots of fun with it. An enormous bonus when crafting your own dream character is that it carries two weapon sets at any time, between which you can switch with a push of a button, so that you can try out practically every imaginable combination of skills.

<img src = "https://www.buffed.de/screenshots/1020x/2020/04/Feuer-und-Flamme_01-buffed.png" alt = "In ESO magic, skill and strength are combined with each other as desired. A magical Warrior is not the exception in Tamriel, but the rule.
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In ESO, magic, skill and strength are combined with one another as desired. A magical warrior is not the exception in Tamriel, but the rule.

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If you like to play dark characters, you will be delighted with the opportunity to turn your adventurer into a werewolf or vampire – along with the associated skills. Our tip: Budding vampires and werewolves travel to the pass from Bangkorai and visit the Pelin cemetery, south of the city of Evermore. At night either NPCs with the name "Blood Fiend" or "Werewolf" hang around there. Every attack by the enemies mentioned has the chance to infect you with a disease that opens up the path of the vampire or werewolf. Then just visit one of the shrines and take the quest of the stranger. Thanks to level scaling, you can start the quest right after the character creation.

Rogue-minded players are also allowed to pursue careers as thieves or assassins. To join the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood, you need access to the extensions, but nothing prevents you from simply starting your thief career on your own. Keep an eye out for lock casings and avoid the city guard. If in doubt, simply flee into the underground of the city, where you can also get rid of your stolen goods. This way, you can easily earn a large amount of gold, especially at the beginning of your adventurer life. A nice touch: you can even attack the wandering traders who appear randomly on the streets. All of this makes the world of ESO appear very lively and gives you a lot of freedom of action that other PVE-MMORPGs often lack.

TESO: Greymoor – Descend into the Black Heart of Skyrim

Buy a house, raise a mount and dress up
If you like to dress your character according to your own ideas, the outfits from ESO are one of the most extensive fashion systems of all online role-playing games. Those who diligently collect equipment styles can adapt each individual piece of clothing to their own taste – even across armor classes. Your magician wears strong but ugly robes? Just give him the look of plate armor. You mixed armor classes, but you want to look like a noble in a golden robe? Then put together an outfit and choose the color of each piece of clothing. You put the finishing touches on your character with the "personalities" who change the way the character runs, moves and gives you new emotes.

If you are a little self-conscious, you are buying your own home as an ESO player. We recommend visiting the inns: in Daggerfall you go to the rose lions, in Ebenherz to the ebony bottle and in Vulhelwacht to the Gausthaus Maras Kuss. There you will find small but fine rooms that you can set up freely. Make yourself comfortable and, above all, use the free fast travel to your domicile. Our tip: Nothing prevents you from purchasing all three rooms cheaply. You can hardly travel more easily from one end of the continent to the other – and that without shrinking away. Anyone who has properly dressed and furnished his room will get a loyal steed next. You can feed your mounts once a day at each stable master, which not only increases their values, but also gives the animals permanent visual improvements such as armor and saddlebags.

<img src = "https://www.buffed.de/screenshots/1020x/2020/04/Outfit_01-buffed.png" alt = "With the outfits, costumes and personalities from ESO you can adapt your character to the environment in no time at all Role players in particular are happy about it.
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With the outfits, costumes and personalities of ESO you can adapt your character to the environment in no time. Role players in particular are happy about it.

Source: PC games

Rewarding PVP battles
If you want to collect as many levels and skill levels as possible in the Free2Play period, you can be happy: First of all, you should urgently travel to pastry chef Donolon and pick up your cake. Whenever you eat a piece of it, you get double the amount of experience points for two hours. Secondly, you should definitely take part in the PVP battles during this time, even if you don't really like the fight player against player. The explanation for this is simple, because in the PVP skill tree assault you will find the two skills "Elan" and "Crow's Feet", which give you a lot of healing on order, respectively solid damage over time. Almost every character benefits enormously from these two skills and due to the double amount of experience points, PVE players tick this point quickly and efficiently. If you want, you can take part in the big siege battles; The crisp arena fights go faster, which also gives you a lot of experience points. Under no circumstances should you ignore the huge sieges. Check out Cyrodiil's PvP area at least once during free play, as there is hardly anything more impressive in ESO than a hundred (more or less coordinated) players trying to storm a fortress at the same time.

Shopping for aspiring adventurers
Thanks to the ESO anniversary, all players receive a discount on selected items in the Crown Shop. Even those of you who use the free playtime as brand new adventurers will receive 500 crowns, which you can spend at will. We recommend you to spend the money in case of doubt for the "starter package", because this way you will get a lot of potions, food, soul stones, poison, repair kits and a cute panther pet for your 500 crowns. If you want to experience as much as possible within a week, this package will get you very far until you have to take a break in a city. The "crown supply package", which is also available for 500 crowns, is not half as rich.

A visit to the shop's style and costume section is also very worthwhile. Here you will find a lot of haircuts and dresses that you can keep permanently and can put on at any time with a few clicks – without visiting a "hairdresser", as is done in many other games. Where the hairstyles and accessories cost 100 to 400 crowns, costumes cost from 500 crowns. The latter are particularly useful for players who like to put on a different tails but don't want to deal with the outfit system.

More than enough to do
We haven't even touched on the professions, the Maelstrom Arena, Kargstein, the expansions, the complex endgame builds, and other high-level challenges. ESO offers so much content that even persistent story fanatics will play for a very, very long time. Our tip: If you want to continue playing after the free week, you can not only play through the entire campaign of your chosen faction, but also the other two stories. This venture alone will provide you with around forty to sixty hours of fully voiced quests. In any case, we wish all of you a lot of fun entering The Elder Scrolls Online's Tamriel for the first time.

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