Why the space game only costs 40 euros

from Dominik Zwingmann
Those responsible for Electronic Arts have revealed why Star Wars: Squadrons for the release in October will only cost 40 euros instead of the usual 60 euros in retail. The publisher's CEO and CFO also spoke about general pricing for games in the company.

At the Electronic Arts Investor Meeting, CEO Andrew Wilson and CFO Blake Jorgensen spoke about deciding why the Star Wars: Squadrons publisher had something for them cheaper Price in the amount of 39.99 euros will go on sale – and completely without additional microtransactions.

"We always look at the games and we want to make sure that we offer the greatest value to our players. Games are all different sizes and most of our games are currently very large. We focused on the needs of customers in this game – one Flying X-Wing or TIE-Fighter and being in a dogfight, so it doesn't have the breadth of some of our games, but it is still an incredible game, so we decided to set the price to a lower level. "

Afterwards Andrew Wilson also spoke a bit more generally about the pricing of the publisher. Accordingly, the expectations of the players are also in focus here.

"We start much earlier before we even talk about the price. We have a wide range of prices, whether it's free 2 play, $ 60, $ 60 with additional live service, or a subscription. At the end of the day When we think about it, we start with the player, we start with the motivation and expectations they have and then we make the game. In this case (Star Wars: Squadrons) it is deep, immersive game and $ 40 felt for the right price point. "

Star Wars: Squadrons will be released on October 2, 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In our preview we have summarized a lot more information for you.

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