Why the switch uses friend codes and not usernames

There are profiles with usernames for pretty much every online video game service. Only Nintendo sticks to the 12-digit codes, a leak now explains the origin.

Nintendo Switch

A leaked internal presentation provides information on why Nintendo users and their friends can connect with each other not with names, but with the 12-digit friend codes. This decision was made well before the switch, namely when it came to the online functions of the Wii.

On ResetEra There is a thread with a new Nintendo leak, which is said to have been created by the hack of a company that works with Nintendo. The leaked information mainly affects the Nintendo Wii, including the called presentation.

While Sony and Microsoft rely on usernames, Nintendo has randomly generated codes that are not exactly popular with gamers.

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The presentation explains that the Wii online experience should follow three principles: it should be free, enjoyable and simple. Because usernames, according to Nintendo, have the problem with multiple names bring with it and so players would have problems finding their friends would contradict the principle of simplicity. The question of whether 12-digit codes are simpler is already allowed.

Another unpleasant thing about usernames is the possibility of being able to guess them and thus receive friend requests from players that individuals do not want at all.

However, this decision was made 15 years ago hit and Nintendo still holds on to it. It seems we have to put up with it.