Phew, finally done: My sweaty hands clench around the mouse and keyboard when my amplifier shaman reaches the Torghast boss room. Quickly spend the hard-hacked phantasm on Animaboni, and off you go. Ok, weird blob, I don't know the boss yet. Maw of the Maw, strange name. Anyway, get on with it now. Make totems, summon elementals and – oh, fuck. Uh, yeah, ok. I'm dead. Try again, I've still got all lives. Put totems, summon elementals (it's good that I reduced the cooldown with bonuses) and hit it. Dodge, dodge, get away! Damn it, how does the guy do so much damage? Ok, I can forget that. Five levels of Torghast bummed for nothing. Really great.

Torghast: Frustration instead of lust? Especially for my melee fighters …

For my amplifier shaman, but also for my assassin villain, there were various visits to Torghast before the WoW developers decided on a nerf via hotfix.

Eating cherries is no good with these guys ...

Eating cherries is no good with these guys …

Source: Blizzard

The Cell Block Guardian and Guardian of Souls felt similar to my two hand-to-hand combatants, if a little less frustrating than the Maw of the Abyss. But the result was often the same: I had fought my way through the levels of the respective corridor without dying and was now standing in front of a boss whom I practically couldn't defeat – despite an item level of over 175. I felt like a close fighter Damage specialization particularly disadvantaged. Somehow the bosses I encountered always seemed to have some nasty abilities that I couldn't avoid and that I couldn't adequately mitigate.

In principle, I wouldn't even have found it bad to have to fail again and again at the final boss in Torghast. But the prospect that I will fight my way through opponents for 60 minutes, only to have no chance of victory in the end anyway and then be thrown out of the tower like a pile of misery without the smallest reward, spoils an endgame for me. Feature that I had a lot of fun with at the beginning of Shadowlands. The fact that I am not alone with my frustration with Torghast is shown by various posts by disappointed WoW fans on reddit who have had experiences similar to mine.

Once upon a time there was a Torghast boss with 683 million HP

The reddit user ryan77k, for example, described how he had fought his way up the final boss hall of the seventh Torghast level, only to end up in front of the gullet, which he could not possibly defeat:

Another reddit user named xBeliscao stood with his five-man group in the boss room in front of Goxul the Devourer (also one of my "favorites"), who owned 683 million HP. This is most likely more than all of the Nathria Castle raid bosses put together:

Even if the WoW developers want to offer players at the highest levels of Torghast a real challenge that demands all their skills, the bosses should at least be defeatable, shouldn't they? I don't even find it bothering that the highest level of the tower is supposed to be really damn heavy – but then the levels below must at least be feasible. Instead, my villain with admittedly mediocre equipment needed several attempts against the Guardian of Souls during the campaign in Revendreth at level 59 to free the prince's allies. The soul fragments paired with the fountain of souls made hell hot for me, so that I could only get to the boss with eternal kiting. When he was finally on the ground, the kill didn't count for some reason and I had to abort the quest and restart it completely. Sorry Blizz, but the nerfs are really needed.

Challenging yes, frustratingly difficult no

The trash mobs in Torghast are annoying in the long run.

The trash mobs in Torghast are annoying in the long run.

Source: Blizzard

Yes, Torghast is supposed to be heavy. It should offer an endgame-worthy challenge. But the developers walk a very fine line in the Tower of the Damned between "challengingly difficult" and "unfairly difficult". It just feels incredibly frustrating to slaughter your way through the trash of Torghast for what feels like an eternity, only to be faced with a de facto invincible final boss. If there isn't even the slightest reward for getting to the final level all the way to the boss (without dying, for example), an initially cool and fun feature really feels like the jailer's torture chamber. A hotfix for Torghast with corresponding nerfs was therefore essential. Or what do you mean? Do you welcome the hotfixes and the announced changes? Or do you think Torghast should have stayed the way it was? Write us your opinion in the comments!

Source: icy veins, reddit

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