Although the hype about Valorant got off to a very good start with Twitch, Riot wants to bake little rolls when it comes to e-sports and even initially stay out of it as a tournament organizer.

In one Blog post Riot Games presented the e-sports plans for Valorant. Riot himself will initially not establish tournaments, but leave the field to external organizers. This happens, to enable the community around Valorant to grow naturally.

With the LCS, Riot was actually one of the first developers to completely take over the tournament activities for their own League of Legends in 2013 (and no longer gave it away). This was followed by an LCS franchise for North America and made League of Legends a long-term successful e-sports title with a million audience and high prize money.

Activision Blizzard has been trying to do the same at Overwatch and the Call of Duty League for a few years, but despite high investments in production and the league itself, they can't get to League of Legends.

First of all, there should be small tournaments for Valorant, which should grow over time and also of big names, such as ESL and Dreamhack be performed. Here Riot is concerned again the organic growth of the e-sports area with the community and the game itself.

The absence of a continuously running league and the focus on growing events is an interesting thing in common with the path that Valorant's potential main competitor CS: GO has taken. There are also big events here, which are not operated by developer Valve, but by external organizers. And CS: GO didn't become the big e-sports title either because Valve threw a suitcase full of money on the table and said: "Well, everyone is playing that now and it will be a huge e-sports hit." It was the slow growth from the Half Life mod to CS: 1.6 and Source to CS: GO that made Counter-Strike the e-sports shooter.

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Riot Games surrenders the organization of the tournament, but remains in control of the game and the rules. For example, the display of blood for the tournaments must be switched off to ensure monetization on every platform.

It remains to be seen whether Valorant will achieve this natural growth to become an e-sports title and a successful shooter.